What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?
Wow, PUBG's changed. Image: Krafton INC

It’s been a long time since I’ve played PUBG. So long, in fact, that I missed the point where you can play as the Power Rangers now?

Some mates of mine have been talking about PUBG for a while. I always preferred PUBG to Fortnite just because it fit with more the ideal of what I want from these battle royales. I enjoyed the intensity and the downtime you got from the contemporary military mechanics and gunplay, as opposed to the non-stop chaos of something like Apex Legends or constantly dealing with having to spin 360 degrees to build a Minecraft tower in the middle of the map.

(I do actually quite like Apex Legends and put a couple of hundred hours into it, but anyway.)

So I might go back and give that a whirl this weekend. I’ll also have to split my time between two other things that I unfortunately can’t talk about. One of them you should be able to guess what it is, if you’ve been reading the site this week. The other you won’t be able to guess, but if you do some digging and think about what kinds of things that would stand out that we’d cover on site, you might have a shot. Have a guess in the comments and I will not confirm as appropriate.

So that’s me. What are you all playing this weekend?


  • What am I playing this weekend?
    Well Alex I’m still playing some more Mario Golf Super Rush as I’m getting ready for the excitement of not just the release of Sonic Colours Ultimate to celebrate Sonic’s 30th anniversary but also Warioware Get It Together! which comes out next week and Crash Bandicoot’s 25th anniversary as I will be awaiting detailed information from Activision on what I can expect to celebrate Crash Bandicoot’s 25th anniversary and also hopefully expect what our last and final DLC fighter reveal will be for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate before Sakurai takes a break.
    Also when restrictions ease in Regional Victoria next week which is where I am I’ll be stocking up on some more Nintendo eShop gift cards for me to download Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania as part of Super Monkey Ball’s 20th anniversary which is coming out on October 5 next month along with Mario Party Superstars which comes out at the end of October and Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl the original DS game that was released 15 years ago is now coming to Nintendo Switch in November before Pokemon Legends Arceus comes out in January next year.

  • I’ll hopefully finish up ME Andromeda tonight. Only doing the one playthrough of it before moving on. I’m not sure what I’ll go to after that.

    Maybe some Saints Row 1? Been jonesing to play that for the last couple of weeks with all the SMSR news going about.

  • Well, I did play a bit of Craftopia, caught up as much as I could on new Genshin and the time that I budgeted to sit down with headphones on and really lose myself in Lake (everything I play has to be playable with one earphone off, attention divided over to my wife) got hijacked by a family Father’s Day re-schedule, so instead on the entire Weekend I played mobile game Everglade and otherwise socialized or drove on the highway. 😛

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