Diablo II: Resurrected Plagued By Login Issues, Some Players Demand Refunds

Diablo II: Resurrected Plagued By Login Issues, Some Players Demand Refunds
Image: Activision Blizzard

For the past six days, Diablo II: Resurrected players in the United States, Asia, and the United Kingdom have experienced intermittent difficulties when attempting to log in to the game’s online servers. Now, some are taking to social media to demand refunds.

According to Blizzard’s customer support Twitter account, the outages may be due to an issue affecting the game’s authentication servers, which can lead to players experiencing either “failed” or “slow” login attempts.

These server issues began after Blizzard patched the Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch versions of the game on October 6. The patch appeared to be routine fare, addressing issues like player profiles not being able to share names with online characters they created, and players not being notified when the game linked to their Xbox Live accounts. One fix made it so that players were no longer prevented from creating a game in their region after they joining a game in a different region.

Blizzard’s customer support Twitter account has posted numerous updates letting players know it is aware of the issues they are experiencing, and of the team’s efforts to implement fixes. The account has repeatedly tweeted that “Today’s login and game creation issues have been resolved,” but these maintenance efforts seem to only temporarily address the problem.

Players have taken to both Twitter and Reddit to vent about the challenges they’ve encountered when attempting to play Diablo II: Resurrected. While some users on r/Diablo have made memes about the game’s login issues, others have stated that the issues are carrying them into “i would like a refund territory.” Yes, although Blizzard’s support Twitter account has repeatedly thanked players for their patience, some have clearly gotten fed up with the ongoing difficulties, and have started the hashtag #RefundD2R. “Damn guys, login problems are like once a day,” one person tweeted along with the hashtag, while another exasperated player commented, “same day, same time, same channel. This is unbelievable. 5 days in this shit.”

One player who requested a refund posted a response from Blizzard apologetically denying the request. Other players on Reddit said that Blizzard had denied their refund requests because of the amount of time they had spent playing the game prior to experiencing outages.

Kotaku reached out to Blizzard for comment, and received word that the company intends to publicly address the issue in a detailed manner “soon.”


  • For probably the first 3-4 years of our relationship my wife and I would play through the original Diablo II at least twice a year together. D2 and a hardcore addiction to the original Fable basically got her into gaming.
    Diablo 3 was the first game she ever pre-ordered. The early server issues and the garbage item drops caused by the real money auction house’s forced scarecity system made us drop the game after only a couple of days and we didn’t pick it up again until the auction house was cut and we started playing it to introduce our 7yr old to games.

    We were so excited for D2R. But the second they announced they were pulling LAN support the pre-order money got used for a game-pass subscription. And everything I’ve heard since launch just makes me say I was right. I had a great time with Psychonauts 2.

  • Typical entitled baby idiots, ‘I played and enjoyed 20 hours of this game which is longer than an average video game, but couldn’t log in yesterday which ruined my life so I want a full refund hurr durr’, or ‘I really want to play this game but I couldn’t log in today so I want a refund to remove the ability for myself to play it at all hurr durr’. And people wonder how our species is destroying itself.

    • Wanting a product you paid for to actually function is apparently “entitled” according to ody.

      Whats next? You gonna call someone whose fridge breaks down after a year entitled for expecting their fridge to work?

        • “Sir my car broke down after a year and it came with a 5 year warranty, I want it fixed!”

          “What are you complaining about? You got to use it for a year, Stop being so entitled” – Ody if they worked for a car dealer.

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