Let’s Jump Into The Pit For One Last Stream

Let’s Jump Into The Pit For One Last Stream
Image: Nullpointer Games

I began so much of my journey here with a love and affiliation for a lot of retro things, so it feels appropriate to play something very retro-centric for my final stream with you all.

The game in question is Into The Pit, a FPS roguelite from Nullpointer Games that’s launched through Steam and Xbox Game Pass this week. It’s been an exceedingly good couple of years for retro shooters, and since it’s always good to be highlighting new projects where we can on Steam, Into The Pit is a perfect choice for this week’s stream.

You can rewatch the farewell stream below. It’s cut into two parts, because I didn’t realise I was actually pushing out a 1440p stream for the first part of it. (It actually worked better than expected, given a regular Australian internet connection.)

As always, please draw your attention to the wonderful folks in the Kotaku AU Discord channel below, where you’ll continue to find me well after today.

For the record, the stream won’t be shutting down when I leave — although naturally I don’t know precisely what the new faces will or won’t do with it. So consider this as a goodbye just from me alone.


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