Blizzard And Google Will Pit DeepMind AI Against Starcraft 2

Blizzard And Google Will Pit DeepMind AI Against Starcraft 2

Google’s DeepMind AI project has already dominated competitive Go, now we’re about to see how it fares in Starcraft 2.

After teasing the progress made with DeepMind during a recent BlizzCon panel, Blizzard are now set to show off what Google’s AI is capable of in Starcraft 2.

Tomorrow morning at 5AM AEDT, both the Starcraft Twitch channel and DeepMind’s Youtube channel will stream a live demonstration of AI vs Starcraft 2.

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The last time that we heard from Blizzard about this project, DeepMind had started developing amusing strategies like worker rushes that had 50% success rate against the Insane difficulty Starcraft AI.

Data was fed to the AI again that included thousands of replays of human play which lead to more standard tactics around building resources and spending them efficiently.

That was in November. What DeepMind is capable of now will be revealed during the stream.

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