Report: Activision CEO Bobby Kotick Will ‘Consider’ Quitting If He Can’t ‘Fix’ Company’s Culture

Report: Activision CEO Bobby Kotick Will ‘Consider’ Quitting If He Can’t ‘Fix’ Company’s Culture
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Besieged Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick, who last week was the subject of staff walkouts and shareholder calls for his resignation, has reportedly said he will “consider leaving the company” if he can’t speedily address the harassment issues that have made headlines around the world this year.

The Wall Street Journal says Kotick met with Blizzard’s executives last Friday, and told them that “he would consider leaving the company if he can’t quickly fix the culture problems at the video game giant”.

The WSJ report adds:

Mr. Kotick, who has led Activision for three decades, stopped short of saying he would step down in a Friday meeting with executives of the company’s Blizzard Entertainment unit, but left the possibility open if misconduct issues across the company weren’t fixed “with speed,” these people said.

It’s also said that at a separate meeting on Friday “top executives of Activision Publishing relayed to Mr. Kotick that some employees wouldn’t be satisfied unless he resigned, according to those people”, and that “Mr. Kotick said he was ashamed of some of the incidents that had happened on his watch and apologised for how he has handled the unfolding problems”.

This is bullshit. Kotick took charge of a reborn Activision in 2008. Those “culture problems” he’s talking about are a systemic level of harassment, misogyny and abuse, fostered through years of cultural neglect and at times even reportedly committed and protected by Kotick himself.

The lawsuit which blew the doors off this whole thing became public knowledge in July. He has had months to address this. Instead during that time he oversaw the appointment of the first woman to co-lead Blizzard, only for her to quit after feeling “tokenized, marginalised, and discriminated against”, then saw it reported that Kotick himself took part in instances of abuse, including threatening in a voicemail to have one of his assistants killed.

He shouldn’t be “considering” quitting. He should have already done it.



  • This can’t be real can it? How can Kotick fix a problem when he is a major part of it himself like being involved in harassment and threatening incidents against female workers and then taking into account everything else that has been allowed to happen, turned a blind eye to or outright denied all under his reign?? The man has yet to admit any wrong doing personally. How do you figure writing an email for Jennifer Oneal was the way to go and then writing the bullshit he did no less and now he thinks HE is the one to fix all these problems?? Fucking really?? That is like having a cancerous cell wanting to stay in a human body and asking the body’s immune system to let it stay and see if it can fix the problem it itself is creating, while ignoring that while it is there, the problem will never be fixed and continue to get worse. The man has problems and if the board and share holders have any self respect for themselves and the company they are invested in, they would force him out with a vote of no confidence and bring in professionals to fix the culture of Blizzard/Activision, not have a piece of shit like Kotick even entertain the idea he knows how to fix when he can’t even fix himself.

  • Nice, so now he’s going to single handedly solve workplace toxicity and harassment.

    He should get on to world hunger and racism while he’s at it, knock it out over the weekend

  • I can just imagine him sitting at his fancy desk one last night a year from now, glass of fancy whiskey in his hand, mulling over the travesties of fate that doomed his vaunted “Just Stop Harassing People, Bro” internal communications campaign.

    And then he’ll take a sip and say out loud, “Nah, I think I’ll keep being a garbage person.”

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