Behold, A Japanese Hand Massaging Device For Gamers

Behold, A Japanese Hand Massaging Device For Gamers

Bauhutte, the folks behind the gaming bed and the gaming mattress, are back with another interesting product: A hand massager for gamers.

Called the Hand Massager (clever!), this desktop contraption is specifically designed to soothe gamers’ hands. The Hand Massager is outfitted with 15 air cushions to remove fatigue and weariness from the palm and each finger one by one.

Like so! (Image: Bauhutte)
Like so! (Image: Bauhutte)

Previously, Bauhutte launched a chiropractor service for gamers, and many of their products seem designed at helping gamers relax — which does make sense!

The Hand Massager has three different settings to allow people to select how hard (or soft) want their hand massage. There are two course settings: One is for the entire hand, while the other is only for the fingers.

Inside the Hand Massager, there’s even an optional heater that Bauhutte recommends using to warm up one’s hand before playing. The company also suggests using the massager while taking a break during playing to help improve circulation and adds that when players are finished gaming, the Hand Massager could be part of a cool down routine.

It is important to take care of one’s hands. Esports health care sites and Red Bull recommend hand stretches to prevent injury. But is a desk top massager really necessary?

Like many things from Bauhutte, this might seem a bit frivolous. For years, people have gaming without using hand massagers, but maybe to their detriment. Part of me also thinks that a desktop hand massager is a great idea for those who not only game, but also those who use the computer for extended periods of time.

The Hand Massager is currently available in Japan for around $US150 ($207). Bauhutte has an English language site, so perhaps it will eventually get an international release, too.


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