Turns Out Gamers Just Wanna Have Fun

I don't know how seriously we're supposed to take this research considering the fact it was instigated by Sennheiser who, I'm assuming, want to use this knowledge to sell headphones or something, but apparently 74% of people who play video games play for fun, whilst only 25% play to compete with others. Which category do you fall into?

Personally I find it difficult to distinguish between the two. Porque no los dos? I play certain games purely for the joy of playing, but other titles — like Halo or Trials Evolution — I play for competitive reasons. Different times, different games, different reasons.

Some other interesting stats from the survey...

— 55% of gamers are married or living with a partner — 54% of gamers are employed full time or part time — 13% are students

"Our research revealed the extent to which gaming is becoming an integral part of culture around the world,” said Product Manager, Dr. Christian Ern of Sennheiser Communications. “The male youth market is important, but is now only one niche of many. More often, gamers of both sexes are working hard in all walks of life and view gaming as a rewarding, positive experience. This diversity is to be celebrated and blows away many of the prejudices of gaming and gamers."


    – 55% of gamers are married or living with a partner
    – 54% of gamers are employed full time or part time

    ^^ Well when you have no fun in your life otherwise, you gotta look elsewhere vv

    74% of people who play video games play for fun

      I wonder what percentage of those single and unemployed or unenrolled*? Gamers have neck-beards?

    I'm both. I play some games for fun (mostly single player), and other games for competition (mostly multiplayer).

    I play games so I've got something to be mad at.

    I play games not for fun... to make me feel bad?
    How many answers can there possibly be? and If you are playing competitively wouldn't that also be for fun, as you find the competition fun?
    So what real answer can you have to that other than I play games for fun? Even if u did play to beat your brother into a tearful rage... thats for fun right?



    yeah i dont see why it can not be both. i have "fun" competing with others. Dont like playing with myself :P

    Most games I play are non-competitive (Starcraft being the major exception).
    Even if games offer a pvp mode I tend to avoid it.

    Why can't competition be fun? Seems like those 2 things overlap to me. How many people would do something competitively if the thing was boring?

    I hope when you wrote "Porque no los dos?", you were hefted up on the shoulders of the members of the Kotaku office to refrains of La Bamba and cheering.

    Is the missing 1% a typo or are they not exclusive ?

    Hmm I play for leisure, I don't play at organised competitions, but do play to win when playing competitive games

    It's pretty dependent on which game I'm playing. Some games I play are only for fun, some are very competitive, but most of it is a mixture of both.
    It's a bit odd that they tried to separate these two categories. They're really not mutually exclusive.

    I remember when a bird poo'd in that singers mouth mid-song. Was a hell of a shot.

    and yet, all the "competitive" players and MLG wannabes believe that all videogames should be solely catered to them and only those who share their views.

    Seriously, check out the Waypoint forums some time. I can't cause I was suspended again :P

    I was playing Starcraft this weekend. I played to compete against other people and shockingly, I also managed to have fun! What is this sorcery!

    I play games for entertainment and there are different sorts of entertainment to be had with different games. Starcraft, Journey and Warhammer 40000: Space Marine are completely different titles but I sure as hell enjoyed all three of them.

    "Why not have both?" (Crazy music starts playing)

    I play games primarily for fun, but just as much to be told a good story. I don't really like playing games with other people. I usually find myself more stressed than I do having fun, especially in something like League of Legends. I don't find that fun at all. It's the complete opposite of fun. So I guess I can kinda see how the two options can be separate.

    I play games for fun. I avoid PVP related stuff and generally hate PVP stuff

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