Halo Infinite’s Oddball ‘Quidditch’ Glitch Lets You Live Out Your Transphobic Wizard Dreams

Halo Infinite’s Oddball ‘Quidditch’ Glitch Lets You Live Out Your Transphobic Wizard Dreams
Screenshot: 343 Industries

For those of you who, like me, are missing Grifball — Halo’s in- and out-of-universe football-style combat sport — in Halo Infinite, you can at the very least pretend you’re playing Quidditch, the favourite wizard sport of transphobes everywhere, thanks to a new glitch in the possession-based Oddball gametype. The glitch causes the ball to fly around the map, much like the shitty wizard books’ famous “golden snitch.”

This is just one of many glitches in Infinite’s version of Oddball, albeit the least practical. If you’ve ever played a bad game of Oddball on “Streets,” Infinite’s dense, urban map, then you’ll know that players frequently shove the ball into walls and ceilings where it can’t be reached in order to prevent the enemy team from scoring when the carrier is killed. This is not only a frustrating strategy, but one of the eponymous oddball’s more unique properties.

The oddball, like many of Halo Infinite’s objects, has a ton of physics interactions. You can knock it away with the gravity hammer or repulsor, you can drag it toward yourself with the grappling hook, and — most importantly for this glitch — you can melee it. If you’re holding the ball, drop it, and then quickly melee, you can send it flying. This fulfils a couple of purposes: you can use it to reset the ball when overwhelmed by the enemy team, you can pass to your teammates across the map, or you can quickly reposition the ball to focus on staying alive, before picking it back up when the dust settles. These techniques are powerful, and will doubtlessly improve your oddballing.

If you melee the ball out of the map while crouching on its spawn point, you can summon a phantom ball which flies around the map in a large circle, objective marker in tow, regardless of player interaction. This is the aforementioned Quidditch glitch, which can be extremely disorienting in-game. However, despite the way things look, the ball remains on its spawn point for players to pick up — so luckily you cannot use this glitch to completely stall a game of Oddball.

Strange glitches aside, it’s good to see players developing new techniques for ball handling in Halo Infinite. Halo 5’s version of Oddball allowed for players to pass the ball to their teammates, expanding the strategy involved in the game — a feature that was removed in Halo Infinite, much to my deep sorrow. Instead of relying on an explicit passing mechanic, Infinite has chosen to prioritise its physics system, allowing for significantly more difficult and dynamic play. While I continue to miss passing, I’m excited to see how Infinite’s physics-driven sandbox changes over the coming years.



  • “Quidditch, the favourite wizard sport of transphobes everywhere”

    Imagine needlessly attacking an entire fan base in a completely unrelated article. Not everything revolves around Rowling and how you feel about her, smh.

  • Why does Kotaku feel the need to label every adult and child who has ever loved Harry Potter because of the author of the books?
    Sisi, you are insulting every fan, many of which read the books before we knew JK Rowling is a transphobe. Why not lead all Minecraft stories by labelling all Minecraft fans as being racist like Notch.

  • “Shitty Wizard books” wow really didn’t read them, did you. Or are you a Billionaire? hmm? If you dislike something keep quiet. Clearly, you keep rattling on just to get your article clout like some disgruntled “Influencer”.

  • Whilst it’s not as inflammatory as some other articles, I dead-set think this is up there with Kotaku’s most pathetic efforts. Do you people have any sense of pride in your work?

  • Does this “journalist” have a mental condition?

    And you guys call constantly call fans toxic? No wonder kotaku is going down the down. Going to be letting more staff go soon I assume.

  • A bit of a weird call to attack an entire fan base because of the author of the source materials misguided views. Especially considering that some if not all Quidditch leagues are looking to distance themselves from the author and source material to some extent to show they do not share the same view point.

    For instance in this article that took less than 7 seconds to look up on Google

  • This article is so bad Kotaku US deleted the tweet for this article. This article got them to the top of trending in the US and not for good reasions. Seriously was the author sniffing glue before deciding to write this?

    This article is getting to the levels of terrible that was the time a Kotaku US writer posted an article containing child porn.

  • Kotaku AU editorial should be extremely embarrassed that they published this article. You aren’t journalists, just cheap content creators. At least do the right thing by your readership and admit it.

  • Seriously does Kotaku AU not do any kind of vetting or reviewing of these articles before reposting them? Ridiculous to throw this anti-rowling bs into a halo article.

  • This is dead-set disgraceful journalism and should only be kept alive for people to be able to comment on how putrid the author and article actually are

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