Space Marine II Announced, Ten Years After The Original

Space Marine II Announced, Ten Years After The Original
Image: Space Marine II

I know, there are too many Warhammer games, and this is only adding to the list, but there are exceptions to my opposition, and this is definitely one of them.

A sequel to Space Marine has just been announced at the Game Awards, and it was certainly a pleasant and unexpected surprise. The original is one of the best Warhammer: 40K games ever made, and was a fine brawler in its own right, so seeing it languish while 175,249 other shitty 40K games were made and released in its stead over the last decade has been a weird thing to see.

Space Marine II is coming to Xbox Series X |S, PlayStation 5 and PC, with a release date yet to be announced.

Look, as a 40K fan and someone who loved the original, I’m excited for this. The best thing about the first game was how it gave us such a ground-floor look at a universe we normally see only from high above the battlefield. But there’s also something slightly off about the timing of this trailer. It was only last month that Games Workshop had to come out and denounce fascism, saying that 40K’s Imperium Of Man weren’t the heroes of the story, and were actually very bad dudes, so please don’t admire them.

It was a statement that rang true for long-time fans of the tabletop game, whose earliest days portrayed Space Marines as satirical anti-heroes, but in the decades since the armoured soldiers have moved into the spotlight as the heroes of the story, something this trailer (and years of video game tie-ins) have only reinforced: the entire point of it is to show a regular human solder watch in awe as the Space Marines crash in and save the day.

Which is it going to be!


  • Well, what they said was “The Imperium is not an aspirational state, outside of the in-universe perspectives of those who are slaves to its systems.” The trailer’s just reflecting that in-universe perspective I guess? idk

    Either way though this is great and entirely unexpected news.

      • Yeah exactly. Especially given the context, and he may not have ever even seen a space marine before. I like that the marines don’t even look at him once either.

  • Most Space Marines are neither good nor evil. They are members of the elite military arm of a complicated political beast that is part failed empire and part stagnant oligarchy. There are plenty of heroes and villains (both Chaos and otherwise) among their ranks. They do a lot of both good and terrible things – which i think is kind of the point. They are just (super jacked) humans.

    And while the Emperium is pretty effed up by the 41st millennium, The Emperor’s original objectives were largely altruistic (if you were human). He wanted to bring together all the disparate elements of humanity in the galaxy and co-opt the webway which would allow humanity to safely travel between the stars. That he largely failed and he, at least in part, lost control of his empire in the process doesn’t mean he should be considered on the same level as Hitler.

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