Earthbound Getting An Excellent Casio G-Shock In Japan

Earthbound Getting An Excellent Casio G-Shock In Japan

Casio has released a slew of limited and special edition watches over the years. As a proud owner of the Japanese-made GW5000-I JF, which sports a stainless steel case back, I’m a big fan of Casio and G-Shock. I also, like Earthbound (aka Mother), so when I heard the two were joining forces, you can bet their collab caught my attention.

As Famitsu reports, the face of the Mother watch has the G-Shock’s classic red line design, but with the Mother logo in gold where it should read “Shock Resist” and the text “SMAAAASH!!” in blue where it should read “Water Resist 20 Bar.” The steel case back is emblazoned Mother’s Earth symbol as well as copyright info for Nintendo and series creator Shigesato Itoi. The watch also comes in a red Mother tin (pictured, above).

A look at the face and the case back. (Image: Casio/Nintendo/Shigesato Itoi)
A look at the face and the case back. (Image: Casio/Nintendo/Shigesato Itoi)

Besides those nods to Mother, this is a G-Shock GW5610U, which features a design that echos the DW-5000, which was the first G-Shock released in 1983. These retro aesthetics really suit the game, I think. The watch is priced at 23,100 yen ($US202 ($280)) — just a little more than this particular model’s 22,000 yen ($US192 ($267)) standard version. This might be more than some are used to paying for a Casio, but this isn’t even the most expensive G-Shock you can buy! Do expect people to try to flip these limited edition pieces for much more because you will have to enter into a raffle for a chance to purchase one of these. You won’t be able to just saunter into any Japanese retail shop and pick one up.

The G-Shock is truly a perfect watch. (The “G” in “G-Shock” stands for “gravity” — and God Tier.) The design has become both iconic and now classic. I love how practical and durable the watches are. You can really put them through the wringer. The G-Shock watches were designed to withstand shock and fans, and Casio came up with a truly clever module to withstand drops. Engineers tested the original watch by dropping prototypes out of a third-story window at Casio. Though, I’m not sure if I’d want to put this collectible through such paces.

In Japan, those interested in snagging the watch can enter the drawing between January 20 and January 27 for a chance to buy.

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