Pokémon Legends: Arceus Modders Are Improving Its Visuals

Pokémon Legends: Arceus Modders Are Improving Its Visuals
Gif: Nintendo / PurpleThunderNE / Kotaku

Despite how good Pokémon Legends: Arceus is, some folks just can’t stop obsessing over its graphics. Fortunately for them, independent developers are already pumping out mods that make it so they don’t have to deal with the horror of seeing muddy textures, low-res models, or Pokémon that animate at less than 30 frames per second ever again.

A recent upload by YouTuber PurpleThunderNE showcases how the modding scene is going about improving Pokémon Legends: Arceus, via both visual upgrades and quality-of-life changes. As he notes at the beginning of his video, many of these mods are still in active development and come with their own slew of issues, but the work being done is still very impressive.

Seeing these early mods in action is honestly making me rethink my “Pokémon Legends: Arceus looks good enough” stance.

In addition to higher-quality textures, increased draw distance, a prettier sky, and fancy new water effects, PurpleThunderNE also shows off mods that improve gameplay. These include in-game map markers for Pokémon Legends: Arceus’ hidden collectibles, more sensible controls, infinite stamina, the ability to swim longer before drowning, increased speed while climbing cliffs with Sneasler, and other cool stuff like that.

There’s even a mod that exchanges your boring, brown bag for a Louis Vuitton design, and another that swaps Dialga and Palkia’s colour schemes. The necessity of both are lost on me but, hey, I’m sure they made a few players very happy.

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The neverending debate about Pokemon Legends: Arceus’ graphics is literally the least interesting thing in the world to me right now, but there’s no denying that many of these mods make it a much better-looking game. Of course, only a small subset of players will be able to enjoy these upgrades since modding the game requires a modded Switch console. But for those who can, it looks cool!


  • Let’s be blunt… There is no ‘debate’. Arceus’ environmental graphics are largely hot garbage that have been outdone by decade old games.

    But the game is so much fucking fun it just doesn’t matter.

  • Look at what modders did with Minecraft, particularly the ray-tracing mods, yeah this thing could look damn good at some point.

  • Honestly? I think people are just failing to understand the game dev.

    Until the switch they were exclusively handheld, and now on the switch… they are still handheld.

    Playing on the little screen on my lite and I don’t really notice the texture or polygon issues.

    They’re not building a game for 4k TV’s
    They’re building it for a miniature screen because that’s what they’ve always developed for.

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