Everything We Want To See From Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Everything We Want To See From Pokémon Legends: Arceus
Image: Pokémon Legends: Arceus
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Pokémon Legends: Arceus is the newest Pokémon game on the block. We don’t know much about it yet, but an early trailer for the game has revealed a gorgeous, open world adventure showing off the Sinnoh region in ways we’ve never seen before.

While games like Sword and Shield gave players their first taste of a semi-open world adventure, Arceus is doubling down on what an open world can be for Pokémon. Taking cues from Breath of the Wild, the game looks like a gorgeous and intriguing journey set to expand on the lore and world of the franchise.

Here’s everything we’d love to see explored in Pokémon Legends: Arceus when it’s released in 2022.

Diverse biomes

The first trailer for Arceus showed off a bunch of beautiful, sunlit fields — and not much beyond them. While we saw grassy terrains, flower-covered fields and mountains, there wasn’t a whole lot of biodiversity on show. Given the trailer was an early preview, this makes sense. But we’d love to see more biomes and locations in the game soon.

Pokémon are found all over the game’s world in rivers and volcanoes, and swampy marshes and valleys. This biodiversity should stand out as you’re travelling around Sinnoh and hunting down every Pokémon native to the region.

Give us red hot lava canyons, coral-filled seas and misty, cloud-filled mountains.

A hearty catching mechanic

Image: Pokémon Legends: Arceus

The catching mechanic in Arceus was shown off in the first trailer, but few details were given about how it would work.

On the surface, it appears to be a simple aim and fire mechanic where players can catch wild Pokémon with good aim. But we’ve love to see this mechanic explored more fully, with traps and techniques implemented for the ‘perfect’ catch.

Something like Horizon Zero Dawn would be fantastic, where players are required to analyse their target Pokémon, discover what they like or what their weakness is, and exploit them to catch them more easily.

Berries would work great for this functionality, as would items like tripwires or box-type traps. This would add a layer of depth to the game and strengthen the catching mechanic in new and exciting ways.

More ancient Pokémon lore

Pokémon lore is scattered throughout the franchise, and teased in various in-game books, artworks, TV episodes and films — but it’s very rare to see the games explore Pokémon history in depth. The lore behind the story is absolutely fascinating, and we’d love to see more about how the Pokémon world came to be and what part Arceus has to play in the creation of the Pokédex.

Given this is one of the first ‘historical’ Pokémon games (alongside the Pokémon Conquest DS spin-off), it’s likely we’ll get to see more lore and ancient stories than we’ve ever seen before.

Bring it on.

A complete Pokédex to fill out

Image: Pokémon Legends: Arceus

It’s likely one of the major talking points for Arceus will be the in-game Pokédex.

The National Dex for Sword and Shield, which limited the range of Pokémon available in-game, was a major talking point for Sword and Shield. 

Given the plot of Arceus seems to revolve around building out the world’s first Pokédex, it feels safe to assume the game will include a lot more Pokémon than appeared in Sword and Shield. Given it’s a game all about catching Pokémon, hopefully the game’s Pokédex will be absolute ginormous, and keep players collecting for months on end.

We’ll just have to wait and see how hearty the Dex really is.

Multiplayer Pokémon adventures

Image: Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Comparisons between Breath of the Wild and Arceus have already been made, but one thing the game could improve on that BOTW lacked is multiplayer functionality.

Travelling in the wide open world of Hyrule was often lonely, but if Arceus includes some form of multiplayer like the Sword/Shield ‘Wild Area’ you could have friends to take with you on your adventures in Sinnoh.

Online multiplayer trainer battles would be excellent, as would Pokémon-hunting tourneys where players compete to catch the most Pokémon in a set amount of time.

Multiplayer isn’t strictly necessary for the Arceus experience to succeed (and it does appear to be a single-player game for now) but including multiplayer as an additional bonus could open up the game’s world and let players enjoy deeper adventures.

The addition of more NPCs in the world would also solve this minor issue and create a world that feels less ’empty’.

What do you want to see in Pokémon Legends: Arceus? Tell us about it in the comments below.


  • If all of the leaks about gliding/climbing/mount stuff and an ATB are true, I’ll be happy at a base level. I’ve wanted all of that stuff for years and even if the rest is rough around the edges, I’d be happy with just those new features for a first attempt.

    If we have to actually do “research” and build the Pokedex so we get whole entries I’d be even happier (different genders, natures, having them fight different things, kinda like Xenoblade 2’s Blade objective based progression). The Pokedex itself could be turned into a near RPG mechanic that you level up, but we’ll see if Game Freak wants to take even more steps away from the traditional formula.

    Right now I’m cautiously optimistic. They do have a lot of room to add new features and with any luck they run at it screaming.

    • Ooh yes, I love the idea of getting to do research and building out the info of the Pokédex that way. What a cool mechanic that would be.

      • Pokemon Snap seems to be already doing it to some extent with their rankings on photos for Pokemon in different situations for completion. Maybe if we’re lucky there’ll be some new Pokedex mechanics in Legends as well, so collecting them is more meaningful than just catching them all. I can only hope they are with that being listed as a focus in the trailer.

  • As long as it’s not rehashing the same old plot of catching Pokemon, getting the 7 gym badges while fighting Team Rocket along the way I’ll be happy.
    I was so disappointed with “Let’s Go Eevee”; I was literally shocked how it was just a rehash with fancy graphics. I want a new story.
    I can’t tell from this trailer if the story will be new. The open world adventure setting looks great, but please make it have a new story.

      • After ORAS I think people’s expectations shifted for what was considered a remake. ORAS was a remake yeah, but also had new stuff to do as part of the plot.

        • ORAS was still very much the same story, until the post game.
          The pokemon series isnt a shining light for new story even with actual new games, but to expect a new story in a remake seems a touch odd.
          Not that i would have turned down a good post game story in Lets Go in place of the advanced trainer BS.

          • ORAS felt very different as a game with the changes to the story they did make (and Mega Evolution in particular), but maybe to other people it didn’t feel as major a swing and that’s fair enough. I can see where the expectation for something even a little bit different would have come from though, with Let’s Go’s gameplay being very different and maybe people also expected a little bit of a different story to go with it since it wasn’t advertised as a remaster. It would’ve been a nice touch to at least add more post game.

            I’ll take post game stories over that type of grind any day. Xenoblade’s Rare Blade grind I could handle with cheese, Let’s Go’s I couldn’t.

          • When i was helping my nieces kid with lets go, he wanted me to help him with that post game grind, i just laughed, told him i hadnt even done that on my version of the game.
            That level of grind can fuck right off. So i guess im a little relieved they havent continued the Lets Go wing with johto….yet.

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