Squabble Is Wordle For Battle Royale Fans

Squabble Is Wordle For Battle Royale Fans
Image: Ottomated

Wordle just got a whole lot more stressful and embarrassing.

Of course, I jest. It’s completely neutral! Different types of games are made for different types of people. It’s simply how the world works. People have layers, and games do too. One game that seems to be what’s written on the box is Wordle, a game that is beloved by many and found itself in the news here, there, and everywhere. From that weird fella that tried to sell the game on the App Store despite not actually making it, to the news of the New York Times buying the rights to the game. It’s everywhere, and people are doing what they can to build on the somewhat simple original concept.

We’ve seen Squirdlea Wordle clone that makes you guess Pokémon and judges your guesses based on the Pokémon’s generation, type, height, and weight. There’s Globlewhich gets you to guess the chosen nation of the day. Both games have their own little quirks but are still derivative of Wordle. 

But consider: what if Wordle was the same, but instead was playing with an HP bar that goes down every second that you waste using your squishy little brain?

Squabble, made by Ottomated, takes the concept of Wordle and makes it a race to the top. There are two modes, Blitz and Squabble Royale. Blitz sets you up against 2-5 other players, while Squabble Royale supports anywhere between 6-99 (nice) players. The aim of the game is simple: Guess the words. Your health points go up anytime you get a correct letter, and even more so if you get the whole word right. Guessing the word also smashed other players hit points.

Both modes are essentially games of survival. You must outlive the others, or perish as you figure out how many E’s are supposed to be in the word. It is truly a race against the clock, something that I personally fucking hate. However, I decided to play a round of both myself to get a feel for it, and it’s quite enthralling. The intensity takes you over. I even won once! I came to lose and I ended up winning. And I don’t say that a lot!

Holy shit, I won! I did it! Sorry to the losers and haters! (Screenshot: Ottomated / Kotaku Australia)

If you’re into word games, Wordle is a great way to massage your irreversibly smooth brain. That’s what it did for me, at least. If you’re into word games but also have a hankering to win (or lose), Squabble is a great alternative.

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