The Street Fighter 6 Logo Also Looks Like A Taiwanese Retailer’s Old Logo

The Street Fighter 6 Logo Also Looks Like A Taiwanese Retailer’s Old Logo
So...which do you like better? (Screenshot: 東森新聞 CH51/YouTube/Kotaku)

Not only does Street Fighter 6’s logo look like $US80 ($111) clip art, but it also looks like the old logo of a Taiwanese company.

With locations all across Taiwan, Sunfar 3C is a major electronics chain, selling gaming computers, peripherals, video games, and gadgets.

According to Yahoo! News Taiwan, when Street Fighter 6 was announced, fans immediately compared the game’s logo to the Sunfar 3C’s and made tongue-in-cheek jokes about how Capcom copied it — which, of course, isn’t likely!

Pictured below are Sunfar 3C shops on Google Maps.

Spot the SF. (Screenshot: Google Maps/Kotaku)Spot the SF. (Screenshot: Google Maps/Kotaku)
Can you spot it here? (Screenshot: Google Maps/Kotaku)Can you spot it here? (Screenshot: Google Maps/Kotaku)
What about here? (Screenshot: Google Maps/Kotaku)What about here? (Screenshot: Google Maps/Kotaku)

The logo does look similar, don’t you think? There are slight differences on the “S” and the “F.”

The comparison even made Taiwan’s TV news, which pointed out that Sunfar had revamped its logo. The new one, which is now being plastered on shops, looks different. (Though, there still might be some retailers that have yet to update the branding.)

Phew, the revised logo make things slightly less awkward when Street Fighter 6 goes on sale in Taiwan!

Yahoo! News Taiwan reports that Sunfar seems to have a good sense of humour about the whole coincidence, writing on Facebook that the logo is “87 per cent similar” and asking those who want to buy video games to “remember the name Sunfar.” The chain even re-upped its former logo on its website.

So, Capcom can go ahead and use the Street Fighter 6 logo it’s already shown, should it want to brand the upcoming fighter with an emblem that not only looks like $US80 ($111) clip art but a logo that’s been discarded by an electronics chain in favour of something better.

Or, you know, the upcoming sixth entry in the Street Fighter series can embrace the franchise’s rich, iconic branding that not only has meant so much to Capcom but also gaming history and fighting game fans.


  • The thing with that logo is, compared to every other SF logo it just looks lazy and under-cooked. This is a franchise with a long visual heritage and none of it is in that new logo. It makes me worry about SF6 in general, especially after the car crash that was SF5.

  • This one’s a bit more of a stretch. But seriously, who the hell cares? It’s a logo. More than likely a placeholder logo, at that.

    • It’s a shit logo, and it’s amusing to make fun of it. Kotaku is an entertainment website and the article is entertaining.

    • Part of the brand identity is the logo, for 35 years its the splash on every ad, every start screen, multimedia, merchandise, the logo is part of the brand… it loses all its character and instant market recognition by looking like the logo of a dodgy MMA gym in New York warehouse district that while wanting to look tough, mostly does criss-fit training for 20-somethings in yoga pants.

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