Neon White Has Been Rated In Australia

Neon White Has Been Rated In Australia

Neon White has been rated in Australia. The anticipated first-person speedrunning game from Angel Matrix and Annapurna Interactive takes another step closer to release.

Neon White‘s hook is that it finds a design middle-ground between the stylish parkour of Mirror’s Edge and a collectible card game. Picking up cards will put a kind of gun in your hand. You can use these gun cards to mow down enemies in your way or, if you’re feeling bold, you can discard them in exchange for godlike speed and power.

Neon White developer Ben Esposito urges a pop-it-don’t-drop-it approach. Cards can’t be taken with you level-to-level so you can feel free to burn as many as you like. Holding onto your cards is slower, but you’ll be armed and better able to survive. Discarding your cards will allow you to complete eye-popping feats of parkour, but you’ll be exposed. Play your cards right.

The Classification Board handed down a PG rating for the game, citing mild impact themes, violence, language, and sex. You can read its full report card here.

The game was announced in February last year and has become an anticipated indie title. Esposito’s previous game is the beloved and wholesome game Donut County, in which players move a hole to swallow objects. The more objects swallowed by the hole, the larger it gets.

Neon White currently has no release date. Given its new rating, though, expect a release date announcement any time now. It will launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows PC, macOS, Android, and iOS.

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