Please Enjoy This Video Of Elden Ring Bosses Fighting Each Other

Please Enjoy This Video Of Elden Ring Bosses Fighting Each Other

Modder Garden Of Eyes, whose work on games like Bloodborne has been featured here before, has now started digging around in Elden Ring’s files and playing with stuff.

The result? Bosses fighting other bosses, without a human character and the resultant frustration in sight. It’s something Garden of Eyes has a lot of experience with; their Patreon has been setup specifically to create this kind of content, and they’ve previously uploaded videos like this one, which has a boss from Dark Souls 3 fighting a boss from Bloodborne:

For Elden Ring, though, they’ve chosen the two bosses many of you would probably want to see in this scenario: Malenia, star of the game’s trailer, and Starscourge Radahn, who is officially Elden Ring’s best character. To make this a proper fight, there are three rounds, and you can see who emerges victorious below:

They’re not the most free-flowing and elegant of fights, outside of the lovely little intros, but then that’s not the point; it’s super interesting seeing each character’s AI working against something that’s not, well, you.

While we’ve featured Garden of Eyes’ modding work before, they’re also one of the modders responsible for rummaging through the game’s code and sharing the whereabouts of “three unopenable colosseum doors”, which many are now speculating will form the basis of some kind of PvP, multiplayer update coming sometimes in the future:

YouTuber Garden of Eyes wasn’t the first to upload a video about these hidden areas, but their post goes into considerable detail about the coliseums in Leyndell, Northern Limgrave, and Caelid. All of these locales are fully built out and even feature colliders, which determine whether or not your character clips through certain objects. In the video, you can see the modder’s Tarnished break several jars by running into them. At the end of all the hallways, you can see a fully built colosseum with hundreds of seats. If the Lands Between weren’t a barren wasteland, it would have been a perfect place to show off your boss-killing skills.

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