Here Are The Times McDonald’s Will Be Open During Easter

Here Are The Times McDonald’s Will Be Open During Easter

“Is McDonald’s open on Good Friday?” “What about Easter Sunday?” “Is it open on Easter Monday?” These are questions our intrepid fast food reporters get asked every April. Personally, we’re not sure how anybody could have room for a Big Mac and fries after all those chocolate eggs – but some Aussies have prodigious appetites.

Whether you’re visiting family, attending Church or going on holiday, the Easter break usually involves some driving. (Speaking of which, beware of double demerit points this weekend!)

This means a quick ‘n’ easy drive-thru meal is probably on the menu – with McDonald’s being the most ubiquitous option. Happily, we can confirm that most Macca’s restaurants will indeed be open between March 30 and April 2. Hurrah!

Here’s the official statement from Ronald himself (well, one of his representatives anyway.)

The vast majority of our restaurants trade as usual over the Easter Long Weekend, with the exception of those that are situated within shopping centres.

Closing times vary depending on location, but you can expect normal trading hours from your local outlet. If you’re heading to the Royal Easter Show, skip the fried bollocks-on-a-stick and get this on the way home instead.


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