Sony Says ‘Fine, I’ll Do It Myself,’ Starts Looking For New Ways To Ramp Up PS5 Production

Sony Says ‘Fine, I’ll Do It Myself,’ Starts Looking For New Ways To Ramp Up PS5 Production

As the supply chain crisis off the coast of China continues to impact electronics manufacturing around the world, PlayStation finds itself in an interesting position. With the threat of a third Christmas stricken with PS5 stock shortages looming, Sony Interactive Entertainment president Jim Ryan now says the company is looking to ramp up production however it can.

The question that leaps readily to mind is, ‘but where are you going to get the parts?’ As we’ve written about previously on Kotaku Australia, completed PS5 consoles, and the electronics required to assemble new ones, are all currently locked in a naval stalemate around China’s busiest ports. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has also had a consequential effect on global logistics. Ryan says Sony is taking all of that into account.

Ryan spoke plainly about the company’s ongoing supply issues during its recent investor call. Sony’s plan to overcome what it calls “short-term risks” affecting its PS5 stock involves seeking new supply partners for sourcing parts. The hope is that this will grant “greater agility in unstable market conditions”. Sony says it is also involved in “ongoing logistical negotiations to maintain optimal PS5 delivery routes”.


Screenshot: Sony Group Corporation

“(W)e’re planning for heavy further increases in console production, taking us to production levels that we’ve never achieved before,” Ryan told investors on the call. His expectation is that sales of the PS5 will finally meet that of the PS4 before the year is out. Ryan says his expectation is that the PS5 will start to overtake PS4 sales next year, and beyond.

Which all sounds very proactive and good indeed. The trouble, again, is exactly where Sony plans to find suppliers that can obtain or fabricate the parts they need. The world’s supply of electronics is currently stuck on boats and piers up and down the coast of China. That it is one of the most powerful consumer electronics corporations must surely count for something in a situation like this, but it’s also worth noting that the hurdle it’s attempting to leap is similarly large, and affects its entire business, from games to white goods.

This is, of course, all coming from an investor call where the goal is to keep the shareholders from freaking out and pulling vital funding. Sony will want to assure them that it is doing something to guarantee strong returns on its latest console, and here we are.

So, for now, it’s all a lot of big, hopeful talk. I hope they can pull it off! I think we’d all like to get a PS5 for Christmas! I’d love to hear your take on this one. Can Sony really fix its PS5 stock issues, or is it all a lot of hot air? Sound off in the comments.

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