Where To See The Next Dead Space Remake Livesteam In Australia

Where To See The Next Dead Space Remake Livesteam In Australia

The next Dead Space remake developer diary, titled ‘Crafting the Tension’ is set to stream on YouTube and Twitch later this week.

The Dead Space remake, which promises to update and revitalise one of the most beloved sci-fi horror titles in video game history, has a long road ahead of it. Seemingly aware of what the project means to the series’ cult following, the team at EA Motive has been releasing semi-regular developer diaries for social media and video platforms. Previous dives have focused on specific facets of production like in-world physics and audio design.

According to EA, this new diary will ‘offer a deep dive into various aspects of the Dead Space remake’s art design. The team at Motive will show early footage into how they’re leveraging the Frostbite engine, Gen 5 hardware and PCs to visually evolve and remake the original Dead Space‘s environments, characters, VFX, lighting and more from the ground up to create a new level of immersion and quality for today’s modern audiences.’

Short version: Here’s how the engine’s going to help us make it spooky. This dev diary will be all about the game’s art design and how it will differ from or otherwise reflect the original.

These developer diaries have been fairly enlightening in the past, and do present proper deep dives into each part of the game’s production and design rationale. In the sound design diary, we learned about the team’s approach to audio. Isaac will sound different depending on how much damage he’s taken moment-to-moment. There’s also a new damage mechanic called ‘peeling’ that will allow players to (checks notes) peel the flesh off the game’s Necromorph enemies. This works similarly to stripping away pieces of armour. Once you’ve peeled off all the skin (god, ugh), you can start to do some real damage. Certain weapons will specialise in peel damage, while others will still sever limbs outright.

Where to see the next Dead Space live stream in Australian times

The stream will air on EA’s Twitch and YouTube channels in Australia on Friday, May 13th 2022, and unfortunately, it’s another early one for Aussie fans. See below for kick-off times in your state.


3:00 AM AEST



2:30 AM ACST



1:00 AM AWST


  • I am frickin’ hyped for this remake. From what we’ve seen so far it looks amazing and I’m so happy that a new generation of players will get to experience what to me is the best horror game created.

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