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Welcome to another Talk Amongst Yourselves, a home for Kotaku’s Aussie readers to chat about anything and everything. Ask us questions in the comments. Get recommendations on new indie or AAA games! Rant about something at work, or have a whine about Windows updates. Whatever you prefer, drop a comment in here and you’ll find a friend.

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  • Ah the scent of a fresh TAY!

    So quick question for any plamodel folks… does anybody know of any shops that supply Kotobukiya plamos locally? I know Hobbyco is the official supplier for Bandai stuff but I have yet to find Kotobukiya plamos in Australia.

    • Not much experience, I wanted a GitS Tachikoma and took ages to find one and stumbled on it at a Chinatown mall.

      Really depends on what your looking for and its popularity (Star wars and Demon slayer is easy to find). Locally see any Anime/Manga stores, Collectible (like Popcultcha or SuGo Toys), Hobby Model stores, or Toy stores (MrToys). The geekier the store, the better the finds.

  • I’ve recently been demonstrated the use of a Steamdeck. The person imported it new from US, which required some indirect means of ordering, greater expense, and a long delivery time.

    It’s phenomenally exciting!

    The Switch was a major juncture in gaming. The advent of a hybrid console gave us portable gaming for a breadth of titles we hadn’t seen on less powerful, more niche portable devices prior to it.

    The key there is power. The Steamdeck looks to me to be the next step forward and broadening that breadth of these capabilities further. You can get Elden Ring up and running – it’s far less than the ideal way of playing that new title, but it has servicable frames and pixels. And for most things, sans recent AAA titles, it does a fantastic job at 60 fps.

    It all depends on the demographic.

    If you want your Elden Ring at >100fps and QHD on a wide screen with high-end gaming peripherals, and more importantly have the leisure time with permanency at home, then you’re getting the superior experience.

    If you have set your life with numerous commitments that both require a lot of time outside the home and a need for flexible pick-up/drop-down, then, if you’re like me, you have gradually accepted the compromises, or rather adapted to the benefits, of a mobile device.

    With powerful, and very large, current-gen consoles which are more akin to PCs in the lounge room than ever before, and with the capabilities of streaming from your PC to another room, the choice of gaming hardware is being fractured between two choices, PC or mobile. The function of a “console” is becoming less defined, and is now more about how you game not what you game with.

    The future of hardware is probably defined by an ever more differently defined means of gaming – the ultra-powerful stationary gaming of a PC, or the great convenience and flexibility of the mobile.

    I think this dichotomy in hardware choice is more relevant than streaming for the changes in gaming we’ll see, as even in a future where we have economical services to provide streaming, distribution arrangements which still reward developers, and broadband internet capabilities to deliver the service, you still need to decide of the hardware that best suits your means and wishes for engagement.

    The Steamdeck should be very successful. Now; when will Valve solve supply issues?

    And, should we see more market choices and a competitive evolution of the mobile console – Epic, Microsoft, Sony?

  • Question for the peeps.
    Whats the dumbest reason you cancelled a pre order (or decided to not buy a game) that you were semi excited for?

    Mine was I cancelled my pre order for the collectors edition of Gotham Knights cause of the showing of Live Service traits that i missed when i scrubbed through the gameplay trailers.
    I fucking hate live service bullshit in single player games.

    • That would be Diablo 3 for me…. was a huge fan of the Diablo series and was really keen on D3 when it got anounced.. frankly didnt care about the whole rainbow drama.

      But then the game system stuff came out… no skill trees, all skills unlocked as you level all for the supposed sake of efficiency because of course arpgs is aaalll about min maxing and no one would ever experiment with skill synergies. And then they dropped the news about the always online pre requisite for pc.. yup.. that straw broke this proverbial camels back.. good bye d3..

      I did eventually grab d3 years later on sale for 25 bucks. Its an ok game.. but the utter reliance on gears means I just coulfnt get invested since unless you played the way the devs wanted with their item sets n legendary synergies you were practically screwed on Hell difficulty onwards..

    • Ubisoft and their constant insistence on forcing everything to use completely busted DRM (either offline or online), including at least one instance of outright lying about it when pressed for answers. I’ve been really interested in all their platformers like Child of Light and the later Raymans, as well as interesting spinoffs like Far Cry Blood Dragon and where they took some of the Assassins Creed settings. I was also a big fan of Settlers and how it was gradually returning to form after the major misstep of Settlers V.

      EA have done some similar things with online DRM, but they at least fixed up a lot of issues with stuff like a thin Origin client and some reasonable support for older products.

      This means that I’ll still grab the occasional EA game on sale (Star Wars bundles and some of their smaller solo or co-op games), but haven’t given Ubi any money since finding a clearance copy of Assassins Creed 2… and that was because it was the White Edition with the figure statue for like $35. (I think I might have made a small exception for two of the early mobile Rayman games though)

      • Ubisoft too… but because they put NFTs in Ghost Reacon Breakpoint (which I was playing at the time). I unistalled the game, every game and uninstalled the client, removed all their games from my wish list.

        Until they reverse their decision to embrace NFTs, I am not interested in their games cause if they are willing to put NFTs in an old game they already decided that was getting no more content… no game is safe from their greed.

    • Oh also Outriders – was almost considering a preorder since it looked like a good fit with my Borderlands co-op group, but the online-only approach for something that should have had offline and P2P co-op moved it straight to the ignore list since precedent was so heavily against it in terms of stability and longevity.

  • Any games jump out at people over the “not e3” period? I think Plucky squire looks amazing. oh and Cult of the Lamb (there’s a demo on steam for the next fest). I’m cautiously optimistic for Redfall as well.

    • I am in the exact same boat as you, The Plucky Squire and Cult of the Lamb are two of my big faves from the showcases. Also Time on Frog Island, Decarnation, and Tinykin are big ones for me!

      • Haven’t seen those (I haven’t really had time to catch up on everything). I will check them out! There’s a few where i love the art style, but it’s not my genre =(

  • More interested in RedFall cause it’s first trailer was L4D, but the second trailer showed it to be more Borderlands especially with a stealth sniper… but I am still a bot reserved cause Deathloop felt stale and could of had more potential if the director was more open minded.

    • It looks like it’s driven by narrative, which for me is a massive plus. The gameplay looks interesting enough, and the abilities obviously encourage co-operative play. But yeah, i think narrative is where it’s at

  • GOG is also running a summer sale. Considering it’s mostly DRM-free and has a good variety of games unavailable on Steam, that seems worth noting.

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