What Game Do You Have The Most Hours On? I’ll Go First

What Game Do You Have The Most Hours On? I’ll Go First
All this time, on a phone puzzle game. (Screenshot: Kotaku Australia)

Everyone has a game that they’ve clocked an unimaginable amount of hours on.

These games can be our most favourite games in the world, but can also be our least favourite. I base this purely off the fact that I know many people who have thousands of hours on games that they hate. It’s mainly League of Legends players.

Sometimes people have so many hours racked up of games because they love them very much. Me personally, I have over 1000 hours cracked on a mobile game called Nonogram Galaxy, a game where you do nonogram/picross puzzles. This one in particular is incredibly simple, and also works perfectly with the S Pen of my phone.

The reason why I have so many hours on this game is because it is the most mindless game for me in the whole world. It’s just… something to do while I watch an absolutely sick and twisted YouTube deep dive. I love it.

Second to that would be Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which sits at roughly 500 hours for me. I know I’m not alone with this one though, as every person I played this game with has the exact same amount of hours.

This is the type of thing that I’m very curious about with other people, as I feel like your favourite game says one thing about you, but the game you have the most hours played on can say something else entirely. I decided to head to Twitter and ask people just that: What game do you have the most hours clocked on?

Here’s what I got.

2300+ hours in Apex Legends and I’m not even good at it.

— Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Enthusiast (@UnbearableDutch) July 21, 2022

its the only thing i can play anymore pic.twitter.com/A4EhFxZwXA

— erin (@shoelaz) July 21, 2022

actually. 1269 hours on Destiny

— samuel (@samewlharris) July 21, 2022

So what have I learned from this? In my eyes, the true little sickos of the world are DOTA 2 and Team Fortress 2 players. Truly abhorrent stuff. They’ve seen some shit, for sure.

And now I ask you. What game do you have the most hours on? Is it a game that you love or scorn? How many hours, exactly?


  • How cute measuring game time in hours

    World of Warcraft… 12+ years of subscription as a hardcore raiding guild, and I quited it 5 years ago. I couldnt give you a real number since the accounts inactive but I wouldn’t be surprised if the total account /played across my main toons was over 2.5 years (21,000 hours)

    … and I honestly think the estimate is very conservative amongst hardcore players or streamers that still play today.

    • I’ve got over 3 years across all of my WoW characters. How much of that is afk time we’ll never know.

      • 30% easily afk or waiting in queues or waiting for raid. The wait can easily be longer than the instance itself. The only time players don’t AFK is when grinding or farming solo.

        • Played it basically nonstop from launch through to cata, then had a break, then came back each patch since until lawsuit drop last year where ive basically quit the game and all of blizzard until i meaningful changes in the developers attiude towards their playerbase

        • That’s still two years of my life gone playing when you put it like that. Puts into perspective how much time I’ve spent doing stuff around the house while waiting around in game.

  • I do not want to think about how many hours, days, weeks I spent playing WoW. Some knowledge is cursed.
    Below that, there’s The Binding of Isaac and TF2 with a few thousand each. Sea of Thieves is probably starting to look pretty juicy.

  • Tough, most of what I play isn’t tracked but if I have to assume the biggest suspects would be:

    FFVII (Original)
    Kengo (2)
    Naval Ops: Battleship Gunner.

    Honorable mentions:

  • Ah geez, let’s put it this way, it’s 25000+ hours in WoW, most of which was vanilla to wrath (hooray for the uni days). These days I do my 9 hours a week to get cutting edge/famed slayer and try not to log in outside of raid where it isn’t completely necessary… I still enjoy raiding but detest the obsession with time wasting busy work.

    Other than that, it was some ridiculous amount in SC:Brood War, but there is no way to accurately quantify it. Easily 5k though.

    Otherwise it drops off to like 1k each for CS:GO, Apex and BF3/4.

  • These days it probably Destiny 2500 odd, Overwatch 1500, and EverQuest 2, like a 1000. Then maybe 400 odd on Skyrim and Witcher 3 .

  • Game of life, three and a half decades strong, haven’t used cheats or mods so playing vanilla, graphics are so-and-so but still hold up to today’s standards. Family expansion pack is really hurting my wallet though, and I think the physics engine needs a bit of work, the baby NPC pathing is all over the place

    • And I’ve been contemplating whether to quit the game or not over the past two months I’ve been on break from gaming.

  • 3515, 51 minutes in Final fantasy XIV

    My Mother has 1618 hours in Super jigsaw puzzles and 10,623 hours in pixel puzzles ultimate.

    Yeah. Mum has me beat.

  • Fallout 3. Ive played that from start to finish at least 7 times.
    Football Manager 15. Ive played at least 30 seasons on there. Currently doing a chaos run.
    Fifa 08. (at least 25 seasons with no sim)
    NHL2k6. (at least 40 seasons, but some sim)
    EA Cricket 05 (100% completed it, plus multiple seasons for just the fun of it)
    (Man i miss good sports games)
    Pokemon Go.

    I dont really get obsessed with new games anymore, and i was never a MMO guy besides Marvel Heroes…So it was generally sports games before they got to simmy that i would play a lot.
    As many times as ive played single player games from start to finish (Bioshock, Fable, etc etc ) They would never hit the run time of some of the other games.
    Skyrim was at around 500ish hours on one play through though. But when i went to play that game again on a new console, i literally got anxiety about it from doing all the shit i didnt like that i would have to do again to level up my smithing and homestead building.

    • Marvel Heroes – 700 hours played.
      That was a good game, shame Gazillion senior management destroyed the company.

      • I really enjoyed Marvel Heroes. I have no idea how many hours i spent playing that, Pirate Deadpool & Scarlet Spiderman were my mains.

        • (I got my hours from Steam app that lists games in played order)

          My main was Squirrel Girl FTW having an army of squirrels swarm like zerglings was fun.

      • My wife still cries when I mention this game…the way they shut it down after she sunk 5000hrs lovingly into it, had half her characters yellow cosmicked (me I only had 1 or 2, with under 3K hrs total – rest of all 70 heroes red prestiged for both of us :). Best OCD mmoarpg ever! Such a crying shame. GW2 I only have a couple K since beta & Warframe 700 (600 just in the past year). CoX also had a lot before they shut it down, now sunk several 100 into it again since Homecoming resurrected it a couple years ago :).

        Finally, D2/D3 has several 1000 hours for both of us I’m pretty sure. I also killed a lot of hours on my old 386 & P90 with Doom1/2 solo & LAN play. Happpeeeeeee tiiiimmmeeessssss! 😀

  • 180 hours in heavily modded Skyrim, and that’s with a 6 month break half way so I didn’t burn out on it. Granted that was one of the best gaming experiences of my life but I don’t know how people put in these much crazier hours, I know someone who put in over 1000 hours on Monster Hunter World.

  • WoW – thousands of hours
    TF2 = 1100 hours

    which sounds like a lot, but I’ve been playing both for about 15 years so, not really.

  • Skyrim – regular, non-Steam version over 1500 hours across multiple computers & versions of Windows.
    Skyrim – regular, Steam 1255.5 hours.
    Skyrim – Special Edition, Steam 1671.9 hours
    Total – minimum of 4427.4 hours

    Civilization 2: Test Of Time – Easily over 5000 hours, sadly Windows will no longer allow the original disc to be recognised due to the DRM used. 🙁

    No Mans Sky – 1072 hours on PC plus a couple of hundred on PS3.

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