Gotham Knights Coming Four Days Sooner, Shows ‘Bratgirl’ Utterly Stomping Iconic Goons

Gotham Knights Coming Four Days Sooner, Shows ‘Bratgirl’ Utterly Stomping Iconic Goons

During today’s Opening Night Live broadcast, host Geoff Keighley introduced a new trailer for Gotham Knights, the third-person action-adventure game developed by WB Games Montreal that’s coming sooner — a little bit sooner — than expected.

The trailer showcases Batgirl — or as Harley Quinn dubs her, “Bratgirl” — as she zips around Gotham City laying waste to notable villains such as Clayface. It seems Batgirl is reluctant about asking for help from other members of the Bat-family. However, because the villains are “making their move,” Batgirl recognises that the city Batman used to watch over needs a new set of heroes. And that’s them.

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The end of the trailer comes with a release date update. Instead of dropping on October 25, WB Games Montreal has moved the launch up by four days. So, you’ll be able to get your hands on Gotham Knights on October 21.

Gotham Knights has lowkey been living in folks’ heads rent-free since it was announced in 2020. Set after Batman’s death (and not part of the multiple games that make up the Arkhamverse), Gotham Knights sees the Batman family — Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Robin — teaming up together to keep the troubled streets of Gotham City safe from the usual villain fuckery. Despite not being part of the Arkham saga, Knights clearly takes some cues from that series, with its crunchy combat and crime scene investigation sequences.

What makes this one different, however, is there are four characters to choose from instead of just the one. Each fighter is distinct from one another. Robin, for example, is acrobatic and can teleport short distances like Nightcrawler, while Red Hood is much slower and hits way harder than the others. There’s also online co-op play, letting you pair up with up to three friends or randoms to beat goon arse while drifting in various vehicles like the Batcycle. It was also previously revealed that Gotham Knights includes equippable gear with all kinds of stat bonuses and mod slots, which dampened enthusiasm among some fans earlier this year.

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Gotham Knights now launches on October 21 for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. Unfortunately, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game were scrapped earlier this year, with WB Games Montreal citing quality reasons for why those lost-gen versions are done.


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