Kena: Bridge Of Spirits Coming To Steam With A Big Juicy Update

Kena: Bridge Of Spirits Coming To Steam With A Big Juicy Update

A year after its release, Kena: Bridge of Spirits is getting a beeg update and an official release on Steam.

Announced through IGN’s YouTube channel, Ember Lab will release a free Anniversary update for Kena: Bridge of Spirits on September 27th, 2022. The update will include a lot of new content for the game, including a New Game+ system and new abilities. You can check out the trailer below.

As shown in the trailer, the anniversary update will include a New Game+ mode that allows you to bring the abilities that you collected in your first playthrough into a new game, as well as new combat encounters, challenges, and enemies.

There will also be the introduction of the Spirit Guide Trials, a set of skill-based challenges like obstacle courses and replayable boss fights. And then there’s the Charmstones, which are little thingies you can collect that once equipped will affect combat gameplay.

On top of all this, the update will also include some new aesthetic aspects for Kena: Bridge of Spirits. You’ll be able to change the clothes that Kena wears, as well as an array of new hats to put on your little Rot guys. One of my favourite parts of Kena was definitely giving each new Rot a funky new hat. It made me feel alive.

Then, of course, one of my favourite parts of Kena: Bridge of Spirits is getting a refresh: the photo mode. The enhanced photo mode will allow for changes to Kena’s outfit, new poses, and changes to lighting to really give those photos some punch.

The general consensus for Ember Lab’s debut title was that it’s a ‘great start’ for the studio, but many were left wanting more. From my experience, I can understand this sentiment but also thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Kena: Bridge of Spirits.

For anybody that was waiting to play Kena: Bridge of Spirits until it had a little more to it, this might just be the time to get on it. I have a lot of love for it, so I can’t recommend it enough.

The Anniversary update for Kena: Bridge of Spirits will be released on September 27th 2022 on PlayStation 4/5 and on the Epic Games Store as a free update, with the update included in the Steam release on the same day.

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