New Study Reveals The Most Hated Mobile Games In The World

New Study Reveals The Most Hated Mobile Games In The World

The general consensus I’ve gotten during my time here at Kotaku Australia is that a lot of people think mobile games are phooey.

Misleading ads, nefarious in-game purchases, bad apples galore. The biggest mobile games in the world are filled with them. While I’ll personally argue that there are some great mobile games available if you know where and how to look, app stores generally favour the worst of the worst for some reason.

To really delve into the hatred that the world has for mobile games (despite downloading a whole lot of them), Electronics Hub decided to analyse Twitter data to determine the most hated mobile games (as well as apps in general) in the whole world.

So what did they find? Let’s take a look.

Roblox takes the hate cake

When I think about what could possibly be the most hated mobile game in the world, my first thought goes straight to Candy Crush. However, I was shocked to find that the only countries with the highest hatred for Candy Crush were Angola and Zimbabwe.

According to the data provided, the most hated mobile game, rating first in 28 countries, is Roblox. After that is Homescapes in 24 countries, Genshin Impact in 14 countries, Clash of Clans in 12 countries, and Gardenscapes in 11 countries.

In Australia and New Zealand, Homescapes takes the hate cake. While the study doesn’t go into detail as to why these apps seem to be scorned the most, I have a theory. From personal experience of seeing ads for Homescapes in almost every mobile game I’ve played, the ads are very much not reflective of the game’s experience.

Also from my personal experience, it seems like Homescapes very much started the trend of advertising content in your game that isn’t actually there. If you simply went off what the ads show, you’re choosing the right tools to fix up things in your house and choosing how to decorate it.

The thing is, that’s just the aftermath of many, many, many match-3 rounds. It’s, at its core, just a match-3 game with extra steps.

As someone that’s largely unfamiliar with Roblox outside of the controversy I’ve read about it, I can’t say what makes players hate it so. Maybe the controversy is the reason, or maybe it’s hated by parents who are desperate to get their children to let go of the iPad. I don’t know!

From what I’ve seen with Genshin Impact, the gacha-ness of it all is something that people seem to really dislike about it. I get it, I’d love to be able to get more than 6 characters without having to wish for them. Another aspect I saw from negative reviews was the lack of anniversary content.

That all being said, I actually got into Genshin Impact on console after trying to play it on mobile and not enjoying it at all, so perhaps I’ve got rose-coloured glasses on.

So now I turn it over to you. What mobile game do you hate the most? Do you feel yourself personally represented in this data? Let us know!

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