No, That Guy Kamehameha-ing A Whole Bus Of Fortnite Players Isn’t Real

No, That Guy Kamehameha-ing A Whole Bus Of Fortnite Players Isn’t Real

The internet has debunked a viral clip of what looks like a Fortnite player eliminating all 99 other players in the lobby before they even had a chance to jump out of the bus.

ICYMI: Goku was the latest childhood hero to get a gun in Epic Games’ pop culture behemoth. The publisher introduced a number of characters and items from the Dragon Ball Z franchise to the game last month. It includes Goku, Vegeta, the Nimbus cloud and a weapon that allows you to fire a Kamehame.

In a viral clip allegedly first shared by TikToker @diagotyou, a player dressed as Goku picks up the Kamehameha item from a tent on Spawn Island. They then fire the blast of energy into the sky seconds before the lobby all board the party.

The attack appears to hit the bus and kills the other players instantly. If true it would have to be one of the fastest played games in Fortnite to date.


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But before you boot up your machines and try this at home, we’ve got some bad news for you. According to devoted fans, the video is fake.

One user on Twitter said the beam’s range isn’t far enough to hit the sky. But they noted the animation looked believable. Another mentioned there are no hitboxes when you’re inside the bus.

Still, you can’t deny Fortnite is an absolute anime shitstorm right now. Saiyans are clashing with the likes of Darth Vader and Ariana Grande and anime sound effects and explosions have decorated the battlefield.

Dragon Ball Z fans were also losing their—well—balls at the sight of Goku and Vegeta doing the classically cringe Fortnite dances.


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