Everything We Know About One Piece Film Red’s Release On Aussie Shores

Everything We Know About One Piece Film Red’s Release On Aussie Shores

One Piece fans have been itching to learn more about Yonko pirate Shanks since he was first introduced in the first chapter of the series in 1997. But he’s been a total enigma of a character—that is, until the latest flick One Piece Film Red.

So, what exactly is this film and when does it sail onto our shores? Keep reading to find out when you can gomu-gomu-go to the cinema.

What is One Piece Film Red?

One Piece Film Red is much like the name suggests a new film written by series creator Eiichiro Oda. It follows Luffy’s childhood friend Uta who was adopted by Shanks and his crew the Red-Hair Pirates and then mysteriously abandoned at a young age.

The flick explores Uta and Shanks’ relationship and gives us our first proper look at Shanks as a character. Yes, after over 1000 chapters, fans of the red-haired Yonkou are finally eating good.

When does it come out in Australia?

One Piece Film Red debuted in Japanese theatres on August 6th. Crunchyroll said in a statement the film wouldn’t screen in English-speaking countries until sometime in Spring.

As of the time this article is published, we don’t know exactly when the next One Piece film will release in Aussie theatres. But it likely could premiere at Crunchyroll Expo at the Melbourne Convention Centre on September 17-18th. Stay tuned for more info here.

Is One Piece Film Red canon?

Similarly to the recent One Piece films written by Oda such as Gold and Z, One Piece Film Red isn’t exactly canon. The timeline doesn’t align with the continuity of the plot in the anime and manga.

But it’s likely anything to do with Shanks and his crew could end up being canon in the original story because we don’t know much about them.

When is the film set?

One Piece Film Red appears to exist in an alternate timeline devoid of the urgent threats facing the Strawhats in the anime and manga. Jimbei has already joined the crew in this film and a certain villain is still alive. That arc has only just finished in the manga so it’s likely this is mere fan service and inspired by the events so far of the arc in the anime.

Which characters appear in One Piece Film Red?

A number of characters from the series appear in the new One Piece flick. Disclaimer: don’t read further if you don’t want to be spoiled.

They include Shanks and his Red-Hair Pirates; Trafalgar Law and his second-in-command Bepo; Bartolomeo; Koby, Helmeppo, Fleet Admiral Akainu, Admiral Kizaru, Admiral Fujitora and Vice Admiral Momonga; CP9’s Rob Lucci, Blueno and Kalifa as well as the Five Elders; Big Mom and her kids Katakuri, Perospero, Oven and Brûlée.

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