How To Be A Ghostbuster Without CGI

How To Be A Ghostbuster Without CGI

You kids today with your fancy computer graphics. Back in the old days, folks had to do everything with mirrors and trickery. That's what Shanks VX did!

In the video above, Shanks FX uses complicated light painting (long exposure photography) to recreate the iconic proton stream from Ghostbusters without CGI. Granted, it's not exactly how they did it - the original Ghostbusters used traditional compositing over film to create that sweet beam look we all love, but it's still a fun project to do at home. It is also great as a thought experiment to understand exactly what went into those old flicks.

Plus, he's quick to point out that you can definitely make it more convincing with a lot of time, an ND filter and a boatload effort in After Effects.

Shanks FX via Laughing Squid


    The title reminded me of the ghostbusters scene from Be kind and rewind.

    oh man, i had that rubber slimer toy. the best! now, how do i get one of those replica proton packs?

      Here is the Amazon link to the Wand and Pack... a replica made by toy company Matel, links in SHANKS FX summary...thanks for watching!
      Neutrino Wand...

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