You Probably Missed All Of Elden Ring’s Rarest Weapons

You Probably Missed All Of Elden Ring’s Rarest Weapons

Elden Ring is full of gear. From curved blades to great shields, along with entire armour sets that dress your Tarnished like a werewolf knight, there’s no shortage of equipment to get in the Lands Between. But while some stuff littered around FromSoftware’s beautifully desolate world is easy to find, maybe picked off a fallen boss or buried in a random chest, others can take hours upon hours to acquire. So, we figured we’d help you out by listing off some of the rarest weapons in the game and how to get them.

Like other Soulsborne games, Elden Ring has drop rates for enemies, meaning that you can often wield what your opponents do. This statistic, largely predicated on random number generators, makes acquiring items tedious as hell because of how unpredictable the chances are that gear will spawn. If something, such as the common dagger, has a high drop rate, you’re more likely to find it either around the Lands Between or on a dead enemy. However, because some weapons have drop rates as low as 0.5 per cent, it’s probable you’ll spend a few hours farming for it if you want to acquire it. That sounds like it sucks, but there are ways to increase the drop rate, including levelling up the discovery stat via arcane and equipping items that multiply an item’s drop rate.

You Gotta Buff Up That Drop Rate

Discovery is the attribute you wanna pay attention to if you’re farming for hard-to-get weapons. A stat that literally impacts the chances of finding gear on enemy corpses, discovery starts at 100 points. Yeah, you could roam around the Lands Between with this baseline starting level, but putting runes into the arcane skill increases your discovery stat, which increases your drop rate. On top of that, you could equip the Silver Scarab and Silver Tear Mask, both of which increase your arcane skill (thereby raising your discovery stat) and ups your chances of item drops. If that’s not enough, you can also use the Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot consumable to further increase your discovery stat and buff that item drop rate for three minutes. Now, time to find shit.

So, with that, here are four rare Elden Ring weapons with the lowest drop rates.

A Smol Sickle-Shaped Dagger

First up, with a 0.5 per cent drop rate, is the Celebrant’s Sickle. This dagger doesn’t do a whole lotta damage, with a physical attack stat of only 79 points, but what makes this weapon special — aside from how rare it is to get — is its passive skill. Each successful hit nets you 10 runes. Sure, it’s Quickstep weapon skill, an action that lets you avoid damage by dodging outta the way, is cool and comes in handy during tense fights with multiple enemies. However, nothing can compare to the fact that just attacking foes in the Lands Between makes you a little bit richer. Feels good, man.

To get this one, you’ll need to travel to Dominula, Windmill Village, a flowery outpost in the Atlus Plateau populated by creepy dancing cultists. There are two enemies in the village’s centre dressed in tattered blue robes that carry the dagger, and those are the only two enemies worth killing here. You could fight the other cultists, which have a chance to drop either the Celebrant’s Cleaver or Celebrant’s Rib-Rake, but because the dagger gives you runes, that’s the one you want. While the Celebrant’s Sickle does have a 0.5 per cent drop rate, meaning you’ll spend a while farming for it, there’s a Site of Grace just in front of the outpost. So, all you need to do is hit that Site of Grace, kill the two blue-clad cultists, and repeat until you get it.

A Hot Sword Made Of Magma

Next is the Magma Blade, a curved sword with a one per cent drop rate. It’s not that strong, only dealing 96 points of physical attack damage. However, its paltry attack stat is made up for by the sword’s flashy weapon skill: Magma Shower, which spits out massive pools of lava onto the floor to deal continuous ticks of fire damage to an enemy. That alone makes it a pretty worthwhile weapon to get, even if it’s a nuisance to actually fight against.

You’re gonna have to make your way to the dreaded legacy dungeon Volcano Manor to find this blade. After you’ve been transported to the lava-riddled location and make your way to the Temple of Eiglay’s Site of Grace, you then just gotta search for those man-serpents with the glowing sword in their right hand. The man-serpents aren’t particularly hard, but because they hold the Magma Blade, they also make use of the Magma Shower weapon skill. So, be careful when fighting them lest you get burnt. And again, if you don’t get the Magma Blade on the first few attempts, then all you have to do is respawn at the Site of Grace and try, try, try again.

A Two-For-One Set Of Noble Swords

Finally, the Noble’s Estoc and Noble’s Slender Sword are two weapons that can be found in the same area, but because they both have a 0.5 per cent drop rate, you’re likely to find one before the other. Starting with the Noble’s Estoc, this thrusting sword deals 104 physical attack damage and comes paired with the lunging weapon skill Impaling Thrust. Moving on, the Noble’s Slender Sword is considered the longest straight sword in Elden Ring, has a physical attack damage stat of 101 points, and is equipped with the fast-slashing Square Off weapon skill. In truth, both weapons are mid, but their low drop rate is what makes them something of a collector’s item.

To get these swords, you gotta go back to Limgrave. Yeah, that’s right, you will be returning to the early areas to farm these weapons. There are other spots you find them in, such as the Raya Lucaria Academy legacy dungeon or the depressing Caelid region, but the Waypoint Ruins is the best farming place. A little ways off from that Site of Grace is a Troll-pulled carriage with some godrick soldiers and wandering nobles behind it. As you might’ve guessed by the weapons’ names, it’s the nobles you’re killing here and that’s it. So, beat their asses, collect what they drop, and repeat this process until you get the blades. It’ll take a while, so be prepared.

These are just a small smattering of rare weapons you can find in Elden Ring. There are a ton of others to add to your bag, including the Gilmir Glintstone Staff and Watchdog’s Greatsword. Keep your eyes peeled as you navigate the Lands Between. You never know what you’ll come across.

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