Don’t Want To Play Hogwarts Legacy? There’s An Elden Ring Mod For That

Don’t Want To Play Hogwarts Legacy? There’s An Elden Ring Mod For That

If you’re taking a moral stand and not playing Hogwarts Legacy but still have a bit of FOMO for not being able to fly around the Scottish highlands on broom-back, cast deadly spells at 11-year-olds, and uphold a status quo rooted in centuries-old anti-Semitism, don’t fret. There’s an Elden Ring mod that will scratch that itch, without contributing to the already bursting wallet of a noted transphobe.

Garden of Eyes is a team of modders that has already pulled off some impressive feats in FromSoftware’s 2022 GOTY. Mods include the addition of weapons pulled straight from God of War Ragnarök, new spells for those mages out there, and a massive gameplay overhaul that added new weapons, new mounts, and more, all of which are locked behind a Patreon paywall (pay people for their work!).

The next big mod coming from the collective is one inspired entirely by Hogwarts Legacy, bringing broomstick flight and a handful of spells like Confringo (which shoots fire) and Avada Kedavra (which kills people).

“The most difficult part was integrating the mechanics of the Flying Broomsticks,” a member of Garden of Eyes tells Kotaku via email. “Elden Ring still has some limitations in regards to animation modding; as the tools to mod the game are community-made and still being constantly improved and updated. So we had to do some technical workarounds in order to achieve the effect of properly riding a flying broom, and make it actually function as one”

The modder told Kotaku that he did not create the mod as a political statement, but did so “to enjoy Elden Ring in a very different way using flying brooms and mounts. Harry Potter’s fantasy world can be a very nice way to implement such an idea.” An upcoming addition to the mod will include flying hippogriffs, as well.

Elden Ring is a fantastic game that can only be improved by flying broomsticks, so have at it if you’re unwilling to jump into Hogwarts Legacy. The Garden of Eyes modder tells me that he believes Elden Ring could “become the next Skyrim” when it comes to mods, so let’s see if FromSoft’s game has the same legs as Bethesda’s title.

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