Ambitious Elden Ring Mod Is The Perfect Warmup For Shadow Of The Erdtree

Ambitious Elden Ring Mod Is The Perfect Warmup For Shadow Of The Erdtree

Modding, and by extension, modders, know no bounds. Whether it’s fixing unattended-to-glitches in hit games, adding absurd new character models, or just offering a new take on beloved gameplay, mods are a great way to add new life to a game you already know very well. And if that game is Elden Ring, well today’s update to a very substantial mod might just have you itching to hit that download button.

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Elden Ring Reforged (ERR) is a wondrously ambitious mod for the smash-hit, game-of-the-year-winning FromSoft game that had us all happy to die over and over again since it launched on February 25 last year. Reforged tweaks many of Elden Ring’s core mechanics, such as alterations to enemy hitboxes, but also add new features, like a bestiary, new player movement options, a New Game Plus mode, and even, brace yourselves, some difficulty options. If that last bit has you concerned, the amount of options here aspires to make combat “fair, but still challenging,” the mod’s Nexus page says. It continues to say that it’s “not about ‘easier’ or ‘harder,’ but more interesting and balanced combat.”

New spells, new progression, smoother traversal, and more

One of the recent additions to the mod is an entirely new progression system. Called “Runeforging,” you’ll find Rune Pieces hidden throughout the world and take them to Finger Reader Enia to access the system. These will get you access to passive boosts, tweaking everything from spell cost, movement speed, or poise damage. There are further options for rune progression in the mod’s New Game Plus mode and when you hit the 200 level cap.

Adding to the mod’s increased gameplay options, like deflecting attacks, the update includes increased damage from jump attacks executed from any height above three meters. The Longtail Cat Talisman has also been altered to negate landing animations when you drop from tall heights, which the patch notes say grants “faster traversal [and] increases plunge attack damage.”

And if you’re into cold sorcery, the mod adds two new spells, named Glintstone Snowdrift and Moonchill (the latter almost certainly needs to be the name of someone’s new chillhop music project). But there are some other updates to spells across the board, like enlarged hitboxes for Frozen Lightning Spear, Burn O Flame!, and Death Lightning, to name a few. A few other tweaks to existing spells can be found here in the mod’s patch notes.

How to install Elden Ring Reforged (and why you should never play online with it)

Interested in Elden Ring Reforged but have never installed a mod before? Well I can assure you that installing a mod is definitely easier than playing this game itself, but let’s get one critical thing out of the way: You can only play Elden Ring mods offline. As you might already know, mods will trip most anti-cheat software as they screw with the even playing field that is online play. So if you don’t want to risk getting yourself into trouble. Boot into the game without mods first and switch off online mode in the in-game settings. Then you can close it, install the mod, and then restart the game (but keep it in offline mode).

To install Reforged, you’ll need to download Mod Engine 2 first. If this is your first time modding, it’s not uncommon to need to download either extra mods or utility software to make it work. In fact, if you go to download the mod from Nexus Mods, it will prompt you to download Mod Engine 2 from Github. Grab that, follow the instructions, then use it to install the Reforged mod and you’re good to go.

Elden Ring’s highly anticipated DLC, Shadow of Erdtree doesn’t have a release date yet. But if you’re looking for some new challenges and features, Reforged is a great way to reenjoy the game on PC.

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