Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Big Scar Update: All The Changes You Should Know About

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Big Scar Update: All The Changes You Should Know About

Today, about two months after its initial early access release, Disney Dreamlight Valley has received its first major content update. This new patch adds the evil Lion King baddie Scar as well as some spooky, villain-themed decorations and clothing. But many players will likely be more excited to hear about all the various bugs and issues that this giant patch fixes, like how Donald Duck will now be a bit more chill instead of constantly losing his shit all the time.

Released in late August via early access on consoles and PC, Dreamlight Valley is basically Disney’s spin on a Stadew Valley-like Animal Crossing-inspired cosy life sim. However, its focus on quests, cross-platform progression, and fresh fashion items has helped it grow beyond just being a boring clone of those popular life sims. A big reason for all the success and popularity is definitely all the Disney characters and locations that appear in Dreamlight Valley. And now, developer Gameloft has released Scar and a villain-themed Star Path into the digital valley, adding even more Disney content into the mix.

We’ve known for a while that Scar was coming to Dreamlight Valley, but with his arrival today he becomes the first new character to be added post-launch. Like other characters in the game already, players will be able to complete quests for Scar and eventually become friends with the villain, gaining access to new rewards as they do so. But there’s much more in this new update than a famous Disney villain.

The devs have also confirmed that a long list of bug fixes and tweaks have been applied to the game with today’s patch. These are some of the biggest or most interesting changes:

  • Donald Duck is now apparently a lot more chill and won’t constantly be screaming and yelling every time you log in. This had become a bit of a meme online.
  • Folks stuck on the Wall-E questline will now be able to pick up the light bulb inside his home, letting them finally move forward.
  • Plants watered by rain will now stay watered after the storm passes, making rain far more useful for farming.
  • Using decoration mode with a controller has been improved, making it easier to customise your valley and home.
  • Characters won’t act like it’s nighttime when it’s morning or vice versa. However, Goofy will still get the weather wrong. Poor guy.
  • The game should be more stable on PS4 and Switch. Hopefully, this fixes all the crashing problems players were dealing with on those machines.
  • Improved cloud save system that now alerts you to issues and lets you pick which save to use while providing more information about any save conflicts.
  • The bright flashes that happen during lighting storms have been reduced.
  • Mickey’s creepy eyes have apparently been fixed, too.

And that’s just some of the changes and tweaks. The full list is much longer. It’s likely that at least one bug that’s been annoying you during your time in Dreamlight Valley is now fixed, which is great for players who have been stuck for weeks waiting for a specific quest fix. The joys of early access!

Lastly, this new update also adds a brand new villain-themed star path aka battle pass to the game as well as new Halloween-themed items to craft. And Gameloft says it has more tricks and treats coming soon. It’s a great time to return to Dreamlight Valley and if you need some helpful tips, we got you covered with over 30 useful tips, tricks, and hints!

Full patch notes below:


– Improved stability & performance on PlayStation 4

– Improved stability & performance on Nintendo Switch

– Optimised textures on PlayStation 4

– Reduced the intensity of lightning storms flashes

– Improved interior lighting

– Mickey, Merlin & Goofy went shopping and redecorated their homes!

– Improved Furniture Edit Mode controls for controllers

– Optimised audio to reduce file sizes

– Various performance optimizations across all platforms

– Improved the performance of large gardens

– Reduced the number of mushrooms required for Merlin’s quests

– Wild crops (mushrooms, spices, etc.) will now respawn in a different place every morning. This means that crops spawning in inaccessible areas will not remain inaccessible and will respawn in a new location every day

– Adjusted the placement of some floating islands in the sky

– Campfires are now craftable

– Improvements and optimizations to Sunlit Plateau trees

– Reworded some quest objectives to make them more clear

– Improved the navigation of water characters between bodies of water

– Water characters are more likely to be drawn to the player when standing near a shore

– Donald Duck has finally found his land-legs, reducing how long his tantrums last

– Water characters will now be able to swim behind Skull Rock instead of having to go inland to get from one side of the beach to the other

– Fixed a lag spike that occurred when it started raining

– Rebalanced wood spawns in the different biomes to make it easier to get various types of


– Inventory will now stay open while opening item and motif bags

– Improved clarity for which Realms have been unlocked and which still need to be unlocked in the castle


Quest Progression (By Quest Giver)

Anna (Frozen Realm)

– Stone Soup is now recognised as cooked for players who are stuck on “The Spirits of Nature” quest


– Elsa will now remain outside until you have the pickaxe upgrade to deal with the ice crystals

– Fixed a blocker during the “Follow Elsa to explore the Ice Cavern” objective

– Fixed an issue which prevented players picking up the Orange Crest in Elsa’s Cavern

– Fish pie is now recognised as cooked for players who are stuck on the “What Home Feels Like” quest


– Fixed an issue which prevented players from fishing near the raft on Skull Rock

– Maui will no longer get stuck after breaking the sea debris in the “A Tale of Stone and Fire” quest


– Mickey has an extra cracker recipe in his house waiting to be picked up for players stuck during the “Foodception” quest

– Mickey will now wait for the player in his house during his initial gardening quest


– Minnie has an extra flowerpot in her house waiting to be picked up for players stuck during the “Language of Flowers” quest

– The clock tower will now be recognised by Minnie without having to create another


– Improved the zone within which ‘The Honoured Place’ registers in “The Ceremony” quest

Mother Gothel

– Fixed instances of the key being inaccessible in the Glade of Trust

– The dawn fragment is now recognised as cooked for players who are stuck on the “Restoring the Sunstone” quest


– Catfish can be found near the docks on Dazzle Beach for players who are stuck on the “What’s Bad for Business” quest


– Fixed an issue which prevented players picking up the lightbulb in WALL·E’s house


– Fixed instances of characters not being able to talk to one another during “listen” objectives

Inaccessible Object and Memory Piece Fixes (By Location)

– Scrooge’s Store Counter

– Elsa’s Cavern

– Merlin’s Dreamlight Library

– Angled table in Mickey’s House

– Prince Eric’s Castle

– Ursula’s House

– Peaceful Meadow

– Frosted Heights

– Floating island in the Glade of Trust

– Sunlit Plateau

– Objects stuck in medium-sized forest rocks

– Objects stuck in crafting tables

Furniture Edit Mode

– Meals, seeds and flowers can now properly be placed on tables

– Player house doors will no longer block certain objects like radios

– Tableware can now be selected properly when placed on a table

– Chessboard can now be selected properly when placed on a table

– Furniture placed near the bridge in the Plaza can now be selected properly

– Furniture in the Elephant Graveyard in the Sunlit Plateau can now be selected properly

– Objects placed on the stall can now be selected properly

– Furniture placed near the Mystical Cave entrance can now be selected properly

– Fixed issues picking up ceiling items

– Maui’s Island can now be selected properly

 Other Bug Fixes

– Improved Founder’s Pack item granting in player mailboxes. This should help resolve some issues which have persisted. The team will continue to investigate additional fixes if any players continue to encounter issues.

– Improved Cloud Save system. In the case of a Cloud Save conflict, players will now be prompted by the following in-game pop-up to select which save file they would like to sync with.

– Fixed Scrooge’s Store meeting points for characters

– Made Ursula easier to talk to in her house

– Fixed the position of certain mining rocks to allow for better character navigation to them

– Fixed an issue which prevented Maui’s Islet and Minnie’s house from being selectable in grid edit mode

– Fixed an issue which caused Donald’s house to float (and we’re not talking about in the water)

– Fixed floating items in Chez Remy & at Goofy’s Stall

– Furniture from characters’ homes that shouldn’t be obtainable have been removed from the furniture menu and Scrooge’s Store item pool

– Fixed an issue which turned the water pink in Ursula’s house

– Fixed an issue allowing players to walk into the bookshelf in Prince Eric’s castle

– Water characters can no longer walk through rocks

– Fixed Marinated Herring meal icon

– Small urban hedges are no longer missing the inside of their model

– Removed two “test” items from Scrooge’s Store

– Fixed fishing ripples spawning within rocks in the Forgotten Lands

– Adjusted the size and visuals of the constellation furniture for Moana’s quest

– Fixed an issue preventing the Orchid Sunbird from granting rewards when receiving its favourite gift

– Rain will now properly water plants

– Campfires now emit sound

– The jingle when getting a “critical hit” now stops at the correct time

– Fixed Streaming Friendly music to remove tracks which triggered claims

– Fixed prices for items appearing in the delivery system

– Removed items from random bags, Scrooge’s Store, and the delivery system that should not appear there

– Fixed game logo for Japanese and Chinese versions

– Fixed the wrong skybox appearing in Scrooge’s Store

– Fixed food disappearing from the shelves in Chez Remy

– Fixed instances in which characters would remark about the wrong time of day. Goofy, however, will continue to misjudge the weather

– Fixed instances of characters fishing the wrong way on the beach

– Fixed Ariel becoming unlocked before fixing her house

– Removed various quest items that would stay in players’ inventories after a quest was completed

– Removed unavailable items from characters’ daily favourite items list

– The magical crystal will now appear properly on the pedestal in the Forgotten Lands during Ursula’s quest

– Fixed the exhaustion effect not displaying properly

– Various audio and SFX fixes

– The player’s legs will no longer shrink while wearing some types of clothes

– Fixed issues that affected Mickey’s eyes

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