Hey, So Is Yoda Just A Weird Little Freak?

Hey, So Is Yoda Just A Weird Little Freak?

Okay, hear me out.

So as we know, Bryce Dallas Howard is Yaddle in the new animated show Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi. Yaddle is basically Lady Yoda, as they are the same type of goblin beast. However, I was always under the impression that every Star Wars goblin talked in riddles like Yoda always has. I mean, what else could I think? I actually can’t recall her speaking in the films, but hey, I’m not a megafan so maybe she did speak. On that note, do the Star Wars movies pass the Bechdel Test? Who knows. Anyway!

In Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi, Yaddle speaks. Not just that, but she speaks in a pretty regular way compared to Yoda. What the fuck?

From what I’ve seen online, it seems like a fair few other space goblins that are the same species as Yoda have also appeared, and they all just talk regularly. Grogu can’t really be accounted for, because Grogu is a little baby child. The baby, I assume, will probably speak regularly if it is raised by humans.

There are many theories that explain why Yoda talks like a freakin’ weirdo, but this one from the extended universe seems to check out the most.

So, according to the extended universe, Yoda talks like that because he is 900 years old and refuses to update his speech patterns. Sure, whatever. I get it. However, hearing other green guys talk normally compared to him makes me think that he can simply just chill out. It seems like more effort for him.

I apologise to anybody that may feel like I am being harsh on Yoda, the green little beast that speaks as if he is demanding that I answer his riddles three before I cross a bridge. If it is any consolation, Yoda is not real. He cannot hear me. Also, he is dead.

But also, I actually love and respect Yoda for this. I call him a Weird Little Freak with love in my heart for him. I admire the commitment to talking in a funny way despite everybody getting with the times, it’s funny to me. Besides, he could be a lot worse than just speaking silly. The fella is hundreds of years old, you’d expect him to do casual space racism as your elderly grandparents do at the dinner table.

If there are any Star Wars heads out there that would like to put in their two cents about Yoda, please come forth. I just think it’s funny that all the other beings like him talk regularly and then he pops out with a “Suck Me Off, You Must” or something like that.

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