Maybe Gotham Knights Didn’t Nerf Nightwing’s Ass

Maybe Gotham Knights Didn’t Nerf Nightwing’s Ass

The topic of cheeks on video game characters has been a long-discussed topic, because people care about ass a lot.

Me personally? I think every video game character should have a fat ass, regardless of gender or species. If every character imaginable is double-caked up on a Sunday, then no one is. If every ass that exists in a video game was a fatty, there would probably be peace on Earth.

The topic of Nightwing’s ass, however, is a historic one. This bum-bum is one that has almost always been known as ‘one of the best asses in comic book history‘, and all I can say is Good For Him. It’s nice to have the best thing. There are even statues of the man that also make sure to detail the cheeks.

So when Nightwing apparently had his ass nerfed for his appearance in Arkham Knightpeople were really upset. This is a fella who had been caked up throughout his career in the comic books, so why does he apparently have a flatty? Cities burned. People died, maybe.

Then there were the trailers for Gotham Knights, which apparently had people worried that Nightwing’s ass would not be large, therefore his shits would not be loud. Gayming News themselves did an investigation of the trailers to figure out if Nightwing indeed had his ass nerfed, and they came to the conclusion that he did. However, now that the game is out, I’m not sure if that’s true.

Prior to release, the team working on the game, WB Games Montreal, stated that they were ‘comfortable‘ with Nightwing’s ass size. Many fans were not sure about this, because I assume they were hoping that his ass would be so fat that he could bounce around on it for a bit of fun. I don’t know, I’m just spitballing here.

Anyway, I saw a TikTok yesterday of a streamer called Ashdog playing Gotham Knights, and he specifically had a looksie around Nightwing and noticed something: Nightwing has cheeks.

Image: Ashdog / TikTok / Kotaku Australia

I don’t know about you guys, but that looks like a well-sculpted cake to me. If people want it larger than this, I’m not sure how Nightwing would be able to get around. The jiggle physics would be level with any Dead or Alive game except on the opposite side of the body.

So if you care about Nightwing’s ass, here you go. Here it is. It is pretty plump and toned. If you do not care about anybody’s ass, that is also fine. Why did you click on the article? I hope it was what you were expecting.

All in all, I hope people are happy with Gotham Knights Nightwing’s cheeks. Now, for the sake of equality, I believe we should picket to make sure every character in every single game has a fatty for no reason. Not in a sexual way, just for fun. Those farts need to send shockwaves through the screen from the sheer size of the shitter.

What do you think? Do you think Nightwing’s butt is big enough? Should it be bigger? What does this mean for the safety of Gotham City as a whole? Let us know.

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