‘Play Must Continue’: Blaseball, The Internet’s Most Absurd Sports Game, Has Returned

‘Play Must Continue’: Blaseball, The Internet’s Most Absurd Sports Game, Has Returned

After a long hiatus, the absurdist horror sports game Blaseball is finally back in action.

If you’ve never played or heard of Blaseball before, welcome to your new hyperfixation. Blaseball is (as mentioned) a horrific, contorted version of baseball that encourages fans to bet on simulated games with digital currency (don’t worry, there’s no actual, real-world money involved). If your bet pans out, you’ll earn votes. Votes are cast in regular elections, which augment everything team and player stats to starting lineups, the game’s ongoing storyline, and even the rules of Blaseball itself.

Previously, Blaseball seasons would play out over the course of a week, followed by a post-season featured four teams from across the game’s two leagues.

It is a game that changes constantly, the goal posts (which Blaseball does not have but could if the votes go your way) are always on the move. No never know what a new season in Blaseball will bring, or what horrors the universe will unleash upon the league.

Take, for example, Fall Ball, which now approaches with ominous intensity.

“Moments Ago… the universe ended,” reads the Blaseball website. “A god is dead. A Black Hole swallowed the League. Play was Stopped. Now… a New Beginning. Officials gather. Challengers orbit. Will you help Them? Can our heroes escape the gravity of their situation? Fill the stands. Make some noise. Stars will Fall.

Play Must Continue.”

The very Black Hole that swallowed the league the last time the game was active is now spitting out players from across the league’s many eras. But here’s the thing: only your attendance is required at the Fall Ball. There will be no games running. Not yet. Rather, this particular moment is about gearing up for the next season. Entering your email on the Fall Ball site gets you community-wide commemorative rewards. The more attendees that fill the proverbial stands, the more rewards will come your way. The more rewards unlocked, the greater the chance you’ll gain a small piece of insight into the inner workings of the Blaseball universe.

Your first unlock? Nothing.

Welcome to Blaseball. It’s the best.

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