Streamer Who Broke Back At TwitchCon Shows Off Scar, Details Recovery

Streamer Who Broke Back At TwitchCon Shows Off Scar, Details Recovery

Adriana Chechik, who made headlines earlier this month after she broke her back in two places at TwitchCon, has returned to streaming with some updates — and a close look — at how her recovery has been going.

If you haven’t seen the incident, Chechik broke her back at TwitchCon after jumping into a foam pit, a seemingly-innocuous move that, thanks to the reported shallowness of the pit, resulted in her smashing her tailbone on the floor so hard that her “bones completely crushed”, fusing multiple verterbrae together and suffering “nerve damage to [her] bladder”.

Her recovery process has been rough. Here’s what she wrote on October 13 after a physical therapy session:

Tried sitting up today in PT, I would rather die than do that again. I hate this my whole body hates it. I don’t want to be tough. I don’t want to be brave I cried for a hour and the pain is so immense through all the meds im on. Idk if I can do this. I can’t explain this pain.

Chechik, now home after multiple surgeries — one which lasted for over five hours — returned to Twitch over the weekend to give further updates on the injury, its consequences and how she’s doing weeks after the accident.

In this clip, Chechik mentions how she is still out of breath doing even the simplest daily tasks, before showing off a huge scar that runs down the centre of her back:

Later while playing she says that tests conducted on her while in hospital revealed that she had been unknowingly pregnant at the time of the injury, but then lost the baby due to the surgery required on her spine:

In the wake of this and other injuries suffered at the event, neither Twitch (organisers of TwitchCon) or Kairos Media (the creative agency actually running the booth) have commented publicly.

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