The Marvel Snap World Record For Most Points Is Absolutely Bonkers

The Marvel Snap World Record For Most Points Is Absolutely Bonkers

Marvel Snap players everywhere are sharing end-of-game match results with eye-popping numbers. But no matter what your scorecard says at the end, I’m willing to bet it’s child’s play compared to what I’m about to show you. Ladies and gentlemen, there’s a limit to how high your Marvel Snap score can go. And one man has already claimed this particular Marvel Snap glory.

Now, none of this is new because Marvel Snap has technically been in beta for a while. But most of us are jumping in for the first time with the wide release, which would explain why such a wild video on the moment’s hottest game has, as of this writing, only 10,000 views. This is a grave injustice, considering what Twitch streamer and YouTuber Bynx_Plays has accomplished.

In a video uploaded back in June, Bynx details a strategy that involves a Marvel Snap card called Leader. It’s got 6 energy and has a power of 4, but the crucial thing is the green alien’s ability. On reveal, Leader will copy all the cards your opponent played, but on your side. Are the gears in your head turning yet?

The video goes on to show a variety of matches where Bynx works the card for all it’s worth. In the first match, for example, he uses a Psylocke to get extra energy to ensure Leader doesn’t have to happen on the final turn. When he plays Leader, he ends up copying the enemy’s Devil Dinosaur, a card that powers up depending on how many cards you’ve got on your hand. On the next turn, he gets Odin, which lets him do it all over again! This particular match ends with a humble number, but trust me when I say that the possibilities are absolutely wild.

While it’s unlikely you’d be able to recreate the exact conditions to make this happen on a consistent basis given how random Marvel Snap is, the world record for most points sits at 2,147,483,647. Bynx says during the video that he doesn’t “think it can be broken because it seems to be the maximum integer that’s allowed at a location.” The YouTube description reveals this isn’t a random number:

2^31 – 1 is the eighth Mersenne prime and a common limit in video games. It is a record that can only be tied, never broken 🙂

To pull the incredible number off, the match had a zone that decreased card costs from the get-go. Critical to pull Leader early. Another crucial thing here was having a zone that doubled ongoing effects, along with a zone that doubled all reveals: a recipe for exponential shenanigans. The second the latter zone comes up, he throws down Leader, because it means that whatever the enemy puts down, he’ll get to put down twice. And if those cards have any reveal effects, or ongoing effects? You see where this is going, right.

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Bynx’s poor opponent certainly didn’t, because they snapped midway through the match. Ouch. Turns out, they played Onslaught on the 2X ongoing zone, meaning that Bynx got that same high-value card twice on his side. But his opponent did have an ace up their sleeve, putting down not only Cosmo to shut down a play on the double reveal zone but also a Devil Dinosaur on the ongoing zone. Suddenly the side across from Bynx had a 72 on the board. And there are two more turns left. High stakes!

Bynx starts doing maths at this point. He figures he might be able to set up a nasty last play, despite those big numbers. First he puts down Psylocke this turn, which increases his energy the next turn, along with Captain Marvel, which automatically moves to wherever it needs to at the end of the gain to ensure a victory (if that is possible).

Then comes the pain. He puts down Iron Man on the last turn, which doubles the ongoing power at the location which ALREADY had two cards that doubled ongoing effects on a zone that also doubled ongoing effects. The number doesn’t even look real at the end. All he can do is laugh.

“I feel really lucky and happy to have been the first person to get the highest possible power on a location,” Bynx told Kotaku via direct message. “It is still the record and, barring a change to the code, can never be broken!”

Can’t wait to suddenly see Leader everywhere now that this is out there. RIP. My favourite part, though, is that even with this completely absurd number…Bynx loses the match. As we say in our Marvel Snap tips, bigger is not always better. But damn if it’s not satisfying.


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