Marvel Snap Doesn’t Like Politicians And That’s Pretty Funny

Marvel Snap Doesn’t Like Politicians And That’s Pretty Funny

As players know, Marvel Snap is not without a sense of humour.

Many of the game’s more subtle jokes come from its location slots, the three land mass columns that players stack their cards against during each match. These locations are selected at random, and are unveiled one by one across the first three turns of each game. Some of the funnier locations aren’t even locations at all, like Ego, the planetary mind vortex that takes control of your cards and starts playing them for you. There’s a Subterranea location, which shuffles five rocks into your deck to stuff up your hand. There’s the Gamma Lab that turns all the cards played there into the Hulk after Turn 3. There are a lot of good ones.

However, the latest joke location — Washington D.C. — is all in the details.

Noticed by Forbes’ Paul Tassi, any cards with no abilities that are played at the Washington D.C. location receive a bonus of +3 power. Washington: where having zero ability still results in incremental power creep. Australians can relate — if Canberra were a Marvel Snap location, I’m sure it would grant a similar buff.

A simple, subtle gottem. Well played, Marvel Snap.

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