November Is Here, And With It 62 Sparkling New Sci-Fi And Fantasy Books

November Is Here, And With It 62 Sparkling New Sci-Fi And Fantasy Books

We’ve got a huge crop of new books for November, whether you’re looking for space adventures, haunted forests, troublemaking royals, alien invaders, or post-apocalyptic tales of survival — plus new works from big-name authors like Chuck Wendig, N.K. Jemison, Brandon Sanderson, and more. Read on!

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The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2022 edited by John Joseph Adams and Rebecca Roanhorse

This collection gathers 20 diverse stories that exemplify “the ever-expanding and changing world of contemporary science fiction and fantasy.” (November 1)

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The Best of World Sci-Fi Vol. 2 edited by Lavie Tidhar

International science fiction gets the spotlight in this 29-story collection (including eight original and exclusive tales) featuring authors from Bahrain, Bangladesh, Barbados, Bolivia, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Greece, Grenada, India, Iraq, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Philippines, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Uganda, and Zimbabwe. (November 1)

Image: Random House Worlds

Critical Role: The Mighty Nein–The Nine Eyes of Lucien by Madeleine Roux

Critical Role villain Lucien gets a backstory in this tale of his early life and his first encounter with the Mighty Nein. Read an excerpt here. (November 1)

Image: Margaret K. McElderry Books

Cruel Illusions by Margie Fuston

A young woman seeks to avenge her mother’s death — but her mother was slain by a vampire, and not only are they hard to kill, they’re hard to track down in the first place. Is it worth throwing her lot in with a group of magicians who require a sinister price before they’ll offer the help she needs? (November 1)

Image: 47North

Keeper of Enchanted Rooms by Charlie N. Holmberg

A writer inherits a Rhode Island estate, but his good luck turns into something frightening when the house won’t allow him to leave. He’ll need the help of the Boston Institute for the Keeping of Enchanted Rooms if he wants to crack the secrets within its walls. (November 1)

Image: SparkPress

The Last Huntress by Lenore Borja

When a young woman turns 18, she learns she has the power to enter mirrors — and the demonic realm that exists behind them. She’ll need the help of others like her to track down the demons trying to escape into the human world. (November 1)

Image: SparkPress

Love in the Age of Dragons by Fatima Henson

A 17-year-old girl struggles to survive — and find happiness — after Earth becomes infested with wormhole-travelling dragons. (November 1)

Image: Tor Teen

The Luminaries by Susan Dennard

A teen who lives in an isolated town surrounded by a haunted forest wants to join the secret society that protects its borders — but she’ll have to overcome prejudice against her family and succeed in dangerous training trials first. (November 1)

Image: Tor Books

Ocean’s Echo by Everina Maxwell

This standalone space adventure is set in the same world as the author’s Winter’s Orbit. It follows a psychic and a soldier with neurologically enhanced powers of persuasion who are forced to bond when they uncover a powerful secret during a military mission. (November 1)

Image: Margaret K. McElderry Books

The Ones We Burn by Rebecca Mix

When she’s betrothed to a human prince, a young witch leaves her coven under strict orders to kill her husband ASAP. But when she arrives, she forges an unexpected alliance with her soon-to-be sister-in-law as a plague and the threat of war loom in her new home. (November 1)

Image: Baen

Penric’s Labors by Lois McMaster Bujold

The latest from the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America Grand Master gathers three novellas following the adventures of the author’s long-running characters, the sorcerer Penric and the demon Desdemona. (November 1)

Image: Tordotcom

A Restless Truth by Freya Marske

The author’s queer historical fantasy series continues in this sequel to A Marvellous Light. Read an excerpt here. (November 1)

Image: Dutton Books for Young Readers

Seasparrow by Kristin Cashore

The Graceling Realm series adds another instalment as Hava continues her perilous, mystery-plagued voyage across the sea. (November 1)

Image: Inkyard Press

Silver in the Mist by Emily Victoria

Amid a years-long war, a young woman whose mother is her country’s top spy joins the cause — testing her limits when she takes on a dangerous undercover assignment to steal magic from a neighbouring land. (November 1)

Image: Solaris

Slaughtered Gods by Thilde Kold Holdt

The Hanged God Viking fantasy trilogy concludes as Ragnarok looms for the gods, and the human survivors must try and plot their destinies. (November 1)

Image: Gallery / Saga Press

The Voyage of the Forgotten by Nick Martell

The Legacy of the Mercenary King trilogy concludes as the Kingkiller and the Hollow Queen do their best to reunite and start their life together — while first preventing the end of the world. (November 1)

Image: Sourcebooks Landmark

When Franny Stands Up by Eden Robins

A woman’s stand-up comedy routine sparks actual magic in this tale set in World War II-era Chicago. (November 1)

Image: Flatiron Books

White Horse by Erika T. Wurth

When an Indigenous woman receives a bracelet that once belonged to her long-absent mother, she starts having visions that force her to confront her family’s dark past and her own troubled life. (November 1)

Image: Applause

With Great Power: How Spider-Man Conquered Hollywood During the Golden Age of Comic Book Blockbusters by Sean O’Connell

This nonfiction book charts Spider-Man’s cinematic journey from comic-book page to Hollywood blockbuster — including the complexities surrounding the rights to the character, and all those franchise reboots. (November 1)

Image: Orbit

The World We Make by N.K. Jemisin

The four-time Hugo winner’s latest wraps up her Great Cities Duology, building on The City We Became’s tale of “identity, resistance, magic, and myth.” (November 1)

Image: Tor Books

Blood Moon by Heather Graham and John Land

This sequel to The Rising picks up with high schoolers Alex and Samantha as they continue their quest to save humanity from alien invaders — if they can translate a book written in a mysterious language first. (November 8)

Image: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

Bloodmarked by Tracy Deonn

The sequel to Legendborn finds Bree figuring out her place in the fight between the Legendborn Order and the demons — while learning to control her unpredictable, undeniably powerful magic. Read an excerpt here. (November 8)

Image: Tordotcom

Even Though I Knew the End by C.L. Polk

A magical detective hunts Chicago’s deadliest serial killer, intent on claiming a reward that will mean she can spend her life with the woman she loves. (November 8)

Image: Night Shade

The Fruit by Na’amen Gobert Tilahun

The Wrath & Athenaeum urban fantasy trilogy wraps up with this final entry exploring San Francisco and the magical dimension that’s connected to it.(November 8)

Image: Black Spot Books

Into the Forest: Tales of the Baba Yaga edited by Lindy Ryan

This collection of stories inspired by the legendary witch Baba Yaga features entries from Gwendolyn Kiste, Stephanie M. Wytovich, Mercedes M. Yardley, Monique Snyman, Donna Lynch, Lisa Quigley, and R. J. Joseph, with an introduction by Christina Henry. (November 8)

Image: Tor Books

Legends and Lattes: A Novel of High Fantasy and Low Stakes by Travis Baldree

When an orc decides to hang up her sword and open a coffee shop, she finds there are also battles waiting to be fought in the pastry business. (November 8)

Image: DAW

Nightwatch Over Windscar by K. Eason

The second book in this sci-fi series follows a monster hunter who leads a ragtag team investigating the mysteries of ancient ruins on a faraway planet. (November 8)

Image: Delacorte Press

Nubia: The Awakening by Omar Epps and Clarence A. Haynes

In this epic fantasy, a trio of teens whose families hail from a storm-destroyed African country struggle to survive in climate-ravaged New York. Read an excerpt here. (November 8)

Image: Tor Books

Origins of the Wheel of Time: The Legends and Mythologies That Inspired Robert Jordan by Michael Livingston

“This companion to the internationally bestselling series will delve into the creation of Robert Jordan’s masterpiece, drawing from interviews and an unprecedented examination of his unpublished notes.” It’s written by an expert in medieval literature and history, with a forward by Jordan’s editor and widow, Harriet McDougal. (November 8)

Image: Aj Jj Publishing

Percivious: Escape by JJ Cook and AJ Cook, MD

The Percivious Trilogy concludes as the Helix and its crew make one more attempt to save both humanity and the cetacean XYZ alien species in a race against time. (November 8)

Image: Crown Books for Young Readers

The Q by Amy Tintera

“Two teenagers from opposite worlds must fight their way through a vast walled quarantine zone in a dystopian America toward their only chance for survival.” (November 8)

Image: Ace

Raven Unveiled by Grace Draven

In this fantasy romance, a woman who can talk to ghosts dodges assassination attempts while battling a predator who feeds on the dead. (November 8)

Image: DAW

Reckoning by W. Michael Gear

The Donovan sci-fi series continues as the colonists living on an alien planet face multiple dangers, including genetically-altered humans and sinister corporations. (November 8)

Image: Tachyon Publications

Neom by Lavie Tidhar

In this immersive novel set in the city of Neom, an orphan hopes to find a way off-world, old flames spark anew, robots unearth incredible discoveries from the past, and “terrorartists” scheme for revenge. (November 9)

Image: Encyclopocalypse Publications

The Dead Friends Society by Paul Gandersman and Peter Hall

A group of ghostly friends — all murdered by the same masked killer, and all trapped in the same house — reach out for help from a girl who’s just moved into the house with her family. (November 11)

Image: Tordotcom

Africa Risen edited by Sheree Renée Thomas, Oghenechovwe Donald Ekpeki, and Zelda Knight

This anthology of 32 stories spotlights “the breadth of fantasy and science fiction from Africa and the African Diaspora.” (November 15)

Image: One More Chapter

Beneath the Burning Wave by Jennifer Hayashi Danns

This first in a fantasy trilogy “exploring the origin of gender and desire in an epic queer fusion of Japanese folklore and Egyptian mythology” follows twins whose miraculous survival is challenged by a prophecy that could destroy their island home. (November 15)

Image: Night Shade

The Best Horror of the Year Vol. 14 edited by Ellen Datlow

The annual horror anthology returns with another batch of scary stories; this year’s authors include Brian Evenson, Gemma Files, Christopher Golden, and more. (November 15)

Image: Atria Books

Flight Risk by Cherie Priest

In this sequel to Grave Reservations, a psychic travel agent finds her latest missing-persons case matches up with a Seattle detective’s bizarre human-body-parts case. (November 15)

Image: Harper Voyager

Heart of the Sun Warrior by Sue Lynn Tan

In this sequel to the Chinese mythology-inspired Daughter of the Moon Goddess, the peace Xingyin has found after freeing her mother is interrupted by a strange new magic that compels her to visit the Immortal Realm. (November 15)

Image: Berkley

The Killing God by Stephen R. Donaldson

The Great God’s War series concludes in this tale of two kingdoms that must put aside their long-held differences to fight a common, powerfully magical enemy. (November 15)

Image: Mariner Books

The Lego Story: How a Little Toy Sparked the World’s Imagination by Jens Andersen

“The extraordinary inside story of Lego, based on unprecedented access to the company’s archives and rare interviews with the founding family that still owns the company.” (November 15)

Image: Tor Books

The Lost Metal by Brandon Sanderson

The author’s Mistborn: The Wax and Wayne series concludes with this instalment as lawman-turned-politician Wax Ladrian discovers the existence of a powerful new weapon — and realises that to prevent disaster, he’ll need to mend fences with his planet’s God. (November 15)


Pulling the Wings Off Angels by K.J. Parker

“A clerical student who’s racked up gambling debts to a local gangster is given an ultimatum — deliver the angel his grandfather kidnapped, or forfeit various body parts in payment.” (November 15)

Image: Gallery / Saga Press

The Serpent in Heaven by Charlaine Harris

The Gunnie Rose alt-history series continues as Rasputin’s granddaughter — a student whose blood is used to keep the Tsar alive — is kidnapped, and her long-overlooked magical powers begin to awaken. (November 15)

Image: DAW

To Each This World by Julie E. Czerneda

Three humans team up with their alien allies to try and contact long-lost sleeper ships sent from Earth. (November 15)

Image: Gallery / Saga Press

Tread of Angels by Rebecca Roanhorse

A new dark-fantasy adventure begins as a card sharp sets out to defend her sister, accused of murdering an elite in their populated-with-magical-creatures mining town. (November 15)

Image: Del Rey

Wayward by Chuck Wendig

In this sequel to Wanderers, it’s been five years since the sleepwalking plague swept across America, and survivors are hopeful that civilisation can rebuild. Unfortunately, there are threats to this dream, including the country’s sinister new leader and the AI that might have caused the epidemic in the first place. Read an excerpt here. (November 15)

Image: St. Martin’s Press

The Wilderwoman by Ruth Emmie Lang

A pair of estranged sisters — one who can see the future, and one who has an eerily good memory — reunite to find their missing mother. (November 15)

Image: Wordfire Press

Double-Booked by Kevin J. Anderson

Zombie private eye Dan Shamble returns in this latest New Orleans-set adventure, set amid the chaos of a brand-new edition of the Necronomicon being published. (November 22)

Image: Tor Books

Dune: The Heir of Caladan by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson

The Caladan trilogy concludes in this tale that charts Paul Atreides “becoming the leader that he needs to be on the way to his pivotal role as Muad’Dib.” (November 22)

Image: Titan Books

A Fractured Infinity by Nathan Tavares

A struggling filmmaker meets a man from an alternate universe where a device exists that can predict the future — a device invented by a different version of the filmmaker, in a world where the mysterious man is his husband. Read an excerpt here. (November 22)

Image: DAW

The Ice Orphan by Kathleen O’Neal Gear

The cli-fi series set after a second Ice Age continues as the post-apocalyptic survivors, including once-extinct species, struggle with a quantum computer with a mind of its own and the planet’s gradual re-warming. (November 22)

Image: Fairwood Press LLC

The Shuddering City by Sharon Shinn

“In the city of Corcannon, everyone has a secret,” including a guardian who knows her adopted child has dangerous powers, and a man who has an idea why earthquakes have become more and more frequent. (November 22)

Image: Fairwood Press LLC

A Slice of the Dark and Other Stories by Karen Heuler

A collection of short stores about “unusual problems, like finding your world growing dark after eating a piece of cake — and maybe wanting more cake.” (November 22)

Image: MIRA

Cast in Eternity by Michelle Sagara

The Chronicles of Elantra series continues as Corporal Kaylin Neya settles into front-desk duty — only to discover the assignment will lead her into a mystery involved ghosts hiding a big secret and longing to be freed. (November 29)

Image: Fairwood Press LLC

Geometries of Belonging and Other Stories by R.B. Lemberg

This collection of stories and poems explores the author’s magical Birdverse. (November 29)

Image: Farrar, Straus and Giroux

House of Yesterday by Deeba Zargarpur

A teen girl whose parents are getting divorced must unravel the ghostly mysteries of her family’s past in this YA tale inspired by the author’s own Afghan-Uzbek background. (November 29)

Image: Gallery / Saga Press

The Lonesome Crown by Brian Lee Durfee

The Five Warrior Angels epic fantasy trilogy concludes as war-justifying prophecies begin to show their cracks, “revealing a hidden agenda while the world lies in the wake of the degradations of this war.” (November 29)

Image: HarperTeen

A Thousand Heartbeats by Kiera Cass

In this standalone fantasy, a pampered princess and a soldier must figure out what to do when they fall into an impossible romance. (November 29)


The Two Doctors Górski by Isaac Fellman

A woman who can read minds tries to rebuild her life after escaping abuse — two factors that add further challenges when she decides to study with a destructive magician. (November 29)

Image: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

A Wilderness of Stars by Shea Ernshaw

After spotting a worrisome omen in the sky, a young astronomer with magical gifts leaves her sheltered valley for the first time — only to discover the outside world is far scarier, and far more in need of her powers, than she’d ever realised. Read an excerpt here. (November 29).


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