Paizo Announces 4-Book Pathfinder Remaster Project

Paizo Announces 4-Book Pathfinder Remaster Project

Paizo announced today that it is working on updating and re-issuing four Pathfinder core books over the course of a year. The Second Edition Remaster Project will see new editions of Pathfinder Player Core and Pathfinder GM Core, release in November 2022. The other two books will release in 2023, and include Pathfinder Monster Core in March and Pathfinder Player Core 2 in July.

These rulebooks will be backwards compatible with existing Pathfinder 2e products, and will, according to the press release, incorporate “comprehensive errata and rules updates and some of the best additions from later books into new, easier-to-access volumes with new presentations inspired by years of player feedback.”

The current 2e books will be fully replaced by the Remastered editions announced today. The Pathfinder Core Rulebook, Gamemastery Guide, Bestiary, and Advanced Player’s Guide will not be reprinted, so if you’re looking for a collector’s item, now might be the time to make sure you have those books earmarked.

An additional benefit of this Remaster is not so much between the lines as it is a core reason for initiating this project now: Paizo wants to move fully and completely away from the Open Game Licence. It will be using this as an opportunity to use the Open RPG Creative (ORC) licence, “which is currently being finalised with the help and input of hundreds of independent RPG publishers,” as well as being financially supported by Paizo as Azora Law undertakes the writing and stewardship of the licence.

Paizo notes that “this transition will result in a few minor modifications to the core system, notably the removal of alignment and a small number of nostalgic creatures, spells, and magic items exclusive to the OGL.”

There will also be a slate of livestreams with Paizo designers today, including a livestream with Jason Bulmahn, Paizo’s Director of Game Design at 1:00pm PT/4:00pm ET. Erik Mona, Paizo’s Publisher and Chief Creative Officer will be interviewed on Roll for Combat’s YouTube channel at 2:00pm PT/ 5:00pm ET.

You can find links to the preorder pages for the remastered products here: Pathfinder Player Core, Pathfinder GM Core, Pathfinder Monster Core, and Pathfinder Player Core 2. There is also a FAQ available on the Paizo blog.

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