Phil Spencer Outs Himself As A Rabid Vampire Survivors Fan

Phil Spencer Outs Himself As A Rabid Vampire Survivors Fan

As the year comes to its end, we’re seeing more and more gamers come out of the woodwork to talk about their favourite games of the year (like me!), and also to show off which games grabbed them by the goolies. It just so happens that Xbox boss Phil Spencer is one of those gamers, and the game that grabbed his goolies was Vampire Survivors.

In a recent tweet, Phil Spencer showed off his Xbox gaming stats via the Xbox achievement-tracking website TrueAchievements, revealing Vampire Survivors as his most played game.

Playing 53 games in a year is something, but 641 hours is pretty impressive when you’ve got a whole company to run.

Over a third of that playtime was dedicated to Spencer’s clear favourite of this year, which just so happens to be a surprise favourite of many gamers: Vampire Survivors.

Vampire Survivors, the roguelite time survival hit of 2022, has garnered a strong love across the gaming sphere. It’s appeared on many a Best Games of 2022 list, originally appearing for free in early access on last year.

Since its full release in October, it’s gotten a whole lot of praise for its humour, gameplay loop, visual design, and addictive nature. It’s no wonder Xbox Phil has been on it for 233 hours, it’s hard to rip yourself away from it.

I only jumped into Vampire Survivors recently when it became available on mobile devices, as I was looking for something to play on iPad in between playing MTG: Arena. While it didn’t jump out at me before I played it, the second I actually started I found it very difficult to stop.

Vampire Survivors rocks. It goes hard as hell. If the head of Xbox can sink over 200 hours into it, it’s gotta have something going on.

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