The Best Movies Of 2022, According To Us

The Best Movies Of 2022, According To Us
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After a couple of years with sparse cinema releases, 2022 really brought movies back in a big way. There were Oscar winners like King Richard, long-awaited returns like Top Gun Maverick and multiple Marvel movies, including sequels for Black Panther, Thor and Doctor Strange.

To celebrate a massive year in film, we’ve gathered the top picks from our team to create Lifehacker’s ultimate 2022 movie watch list. Obviously, we’re not quite at the end of the year yet, so this list won’t include those December blockbusters that are yet to release (sorry, Avatar!).

We’ll also include where you can watch the team’s movie picks so you can see what all the fuss is about yourself.

Lifehacker Australia’s best movies of 2022

The Batman

the batman dc movies tv shows 2022
Image: Warner Bros.

“I’ve seen a lot of movies this year, but after my first viewing of The Batman I knew I’d witnessed something special. As a pretty big Batman fan, I was sceptical about whether yet another take on the popular superhero could impress me. This one definitely did. The gritty and gothic tone, the slowly unfolding mystery around the Riddler, emo Robert Pattinson – it all worked for me.” – Lauren Rouse, Lifehacker Australia

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Stream The Batman now on Netflix or BINGE.


pearl best movies 2022
Image: A24

“Pearl was my favourite film of this year. She’s so me when I’m me. Girls rock.” – Ruby Innes, Kotaku Australia.

Pearl isn’t available to stream in Australia yet, but we’ll let you know when it is.

Thor: Love and Thunder

thor 4 disney+
Image: Marvel Studios

“I’ve been so slow with movies this year, but of the ones that I have seen, the top of the list is probably Thor: Love and Thunder. It’s everything I wanted out of a Taika Waititi movie; off the rails with beautiful shots and set pieces. Good stuff,” – Zac Kelly, Gizmodo Australia

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Stream Thor: Love and Thunder on Disney+

Bodies Bodies Bodies

bodies bodies bodies movies 2022
Image: A24

“Bodies Bodies Bodies was hands down the best film of the year. Not only was it incredibly funny and tense, it also perfectly captured Gen Z in all of our weird (sometimes awful) glory. The acting in the movie was next level with a lot of stand-out performances from actors we need to watch in the future. I love any good slasher or horror and Bodies Bodies Bodies gave me something fresh and fun to work with,” – Ky Stewart, Lifehacker/Gizmodo/Kotaku Australia

Rent or buy Bodies Bodies Bodies on VOD services.

Don’t Worry Darling

movies 2022 dont worry darling
Image: Warner Bros.

“I’ve been tossing up between Scream 5 and Don’t Worry Darling and I have to vote for the latter. It’s hard to describe why I like this movie without spoiling it, but what I will say is that the premise is awful and requires a lot of self-reflection/reflection on society that the movie misses. To be honest, the movie doesn’t do the idea justice, and I do feel half the reason I love this movie so much is the idea, rather than the execution. Plus, Florence Pugh is incredible,” – Asha Barbaschow, Gizmodo Australia

Buy or rent Don’t Worry Darling on VOD services now

Good Luck to You, Leo Grande

good luck to you leo grande movies 2022
Image: Searchlight Pictures

“This is an easy one. Good Luck to You, Leo Grande was by far my favourite film of the year. The movie beautifully explored the topic of women’s sexuality and shame, especially in older generations, and it offered a refreshing look at the value of sex work. The playful chemistry between (absolute legend) Emma Thompson and Daryl McCormack was also a joy to watch. I left this film feeling brighter than when I walked in, and what more could you want, really?” – Steph Nuzzo, Lifehacker Australia

Rent or buy Good Luck To You, Leo Grande on VOD services.


Image: Hulu/Disney+

“Sequels to Predator have traditionally been hit and miss, but Prey demonstrates a much deeper understanding of the source material than its contemporaries. Both a loving homage to the original and a razor-edged critique of British colonialism, Prey pits a young Native American woman, born of a culture that places a profound weight on the killing of any creature, against an unknowable interloper that slaughters for sport. The greatest entry in the series since the original, borne on the shoulders of star Amber Midthunder,” – David Smith, Kotaku Australia

Watch Prey on Disney+.

Persuasion (2022)

persuasion netflix
Image: Netflix

“There were a lot of films I hated this year. Most of them just didn’t live up to expectations. I’m looking at you, Doctor Strange. But I absolutely loved Netflix’s Persuasion. There’s always criticism around any Jane Austen adaption, naturally, but this one starring Dakota Johnson was fresh, vibrant and fun. – Melissa Matheson, Lifehacker/Gizmodo/Kotaku

Watch Persuasion on Netflix.

Do you have a favourite movie from 2022 that you think deserves to be recognised? Let us know in the comments.

2023 is set to be another massive year in entertainment. Here’s what we’re most looking forward to next year.


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