Hisense Reckons The Aussie Laser TV Market Is Growing, So It’s Dropping More Options

Hisense Reckons The Aussie Laser TV Market Is Growing, So It’s Dropping More Options

After already announcing a tonne of new TVs for its 2023 range, including the ULED X Mini-LED, Hisense has also used CES to unveil its new laser range.

Hisense has dropped three new offerings spanning Laser TV and Laser Cinema – a 100- and 120-inch L9H TriChroma Laser TV, as well as the PL1H Laser Cinema and PX1H TriChroma Laser Cinema.

While there’s a very small cross-section between people that are buying Mini-LED or OLED TVs and the people that are buying laser TV, so, Hisense wants to cover everyone.

For those not overly familiar with a laser TV set-up, Hisense offers either a 100- or 120-inch model that comes with a console, which is an ultra-shot throw projector, you also get a matching ambient light-rejecting screen.

“The reflection handling on this is almost absolute,” Hisense Australia national retail training manager Chris Mayer told Gizmodo Australia on the ground at CES, where we attended the show as a guest of the company.

Hisense has delivered a laser TV that pushes out 3,000 lumens of brightness with the device also boasting the highest colour accuracy “of any TV in the world, essentially” because it passed OLED, quantum dot in terms of its accuracy. With this, you can expect “shimmering highlights, bold colours and deep blacks”.

“There’s no standard, actually, that it doesn’t surpass yet, because it doesn’t exist, pretty cool,” Mayer added.

Hisense’s 2023 L9H TriChroma Laser TV series is available with both 100- and 120-inch options. It boasts 4K picture, now comes with Dolby Vision HDR and you’ll get the company’s Ambient Light Rejection (ALR) screen with your purchase.

Hisense is also launching two Laser Cinema options– the single laser PL1H, which is available now, alongside the all-new TriChroma Laser Cinema offering, the PX1H.

The PL1H is a variable short-throw Laser Cinema console with a variable screen size of between 80- and 120-inches and the PX1H will allow for screen size of 90- to 130-inches. Despite the size of the screen, the console is only required to sit just under 49cm away from the wall itself. This is almost half of last year’s model.

As with the TriChroma L9H Laser TV, the PX1H TriChroma Laser Cinema also boasts 4K picture quality, TriChroma X-Fusion Laser Light, Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos Audio.

Unlike the TriChroma L9H, these don’t come with a screen, but if you don’t want to get a screen, a solid wall will suffice. They’re also a more budget-friendly option.

“Genuinely, Hisense considers itself as a laser TV company that also makes TVs … that’s how seriously we take this,” Mayer said.

So what’s holding people back from adopting laser TV?

“This is and will be a very niche product, and we’re well aware of that, we’re not pretending this should be in everyone’s house … but what we are seeing is having this versatility with extra options is everyone that would want a projector, we now have every single option for them,” he added.


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