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If you're a console manufacturer, you've had a pretty good run. Millions of users around the world with plenty of appetite for new content, games, and DLC. On top of that, consoles have always had a wonderful secondary market: people picking up cheap bundles or standalone consoles to serve as media players and low-cost entertainment options for the family.

That principle of the console as a media device is a handy part of the market. It's been a huge success for the Xbox One S, being pitched as the cheapest 4K Blu-Ray player locally. But with the next generation of TVs finally offering stiff competition on the usability front, the value of owning a separate media device (or gifting a hand-me-down console) is starting to shrink.


Hisense has made more of a push into the Australian market in the last few years, and prior to CES 2019 kicking off proper the Chinese multinational announced it would be bringing its gargantuan 100" laser TV down under. Here's everything the company announced at their conference this year.


Have you ever tried to grind your way through a 1v7 battle in Smash Ultimate and whined that there wasn't enough real estate? Or maybe everyone needs just a little more room for four-player Mario Kart. Well, a 100" TV might fix things.

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Hisense' Series 7 left quite the impression when it entered the market back in 2017 - and it left us excited to see what it would do with the 4K HDR 65-inch series 8. With a higher price point, it seemed to be making a play for some of the more expensive brands and models in market.

While there is lots to like here, there is room for improvement. But with the price tag its currently rocking - you may not care about the issues.

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Whenever I think 'OLED', I think $$$$$. Whenever I think Hisense, I think 'cost-effective'. So what might happen if those two things were to collide? We're about to find out, as Hisense Australia has announced a brand spanking new OLED TV for the AU Market, to land alongside its already available ULED 4K TV models.