Hisense Launches A Bunch of New TVs And The OLED Is Stunning

Hisense Launches A Bunch of New TVs And The OLED Is Stunning

Hisense has made its 2022 series of TVs available in Australia, with its OLED returning – even though the company will tell you it never really left. It is very impressive.

Fresh from its CES drop, in total, Hisense has launched new TVs, spanning ULED, Mini-LED, OLED and laser. They range from 55-inch up to 98-inch (if for some reason you have $7,999 you want to spend on a comically large television). When it comes to the laser TV category, you can get 120-inches.

Hisense and OLED

Re-entering Hisense’s Australian line-up for 2022 due to strong consumer demand, the brand’s OLED offering will boast two models – the X8HAU and X9HAU – available in 55 and 65-inches.

Although OLED seems to have been missing from the Hisense line up down under, Hisense Australia national retail training manager Chris Mayer said the company never stopped making them.

“We have had OLED in Australia before, we actually never stopped making OLED … we’ve actually been selling OLEDs in the European and North American market. It’s our fourth generation OLED,” he said.

“The reason why we brought it back into market is there’s been an uptick in demand for these sort of screens. I think when it comes down to it, at Hisense, our big mission is to make sure we have a product for whatever customer wants.”


VIDAA is Hisense’s own operating system.

A new addition to VIDAA is the ability to set up profiles. Pretty similar to the way you might have profiles on specific streaming services, you choose your profile for the home screen. This way you get personalised suggestions and shows recommended that you actually care about. It also means no swapping between individual streaming service profiles as yours will be logged in. But, there’s a tonne of controls you can also add for profiles used for kids.

Set up seems pretty easy, too. Scan a QR code on your phone upon firing up the TV and you can set up from the app on your phone. You’ll find the usual app suspects on there, too.

The 2022 Hisense TV range:


There’s five new sizes in this latest ULED drop (U7HAU ): 55-inch (RRP $1,499), 65-inch (RRP $1,899), 75-inch (RRP $2,499), 85-inch (RRP $3,999), 98-inch (RRP $7,999). They’re all 4K TVs, with QLED quantum dot colour. They offer full-array local dimming, Dolby Vision (HDR10), Dolby Atmos (eARC), sports mode and voice assistant enabled (Google and Alexa).

Mini-LED TVs

Three sizes for the first batch of new ULED Mini-LED TVs (U8HAU): 55-inch (RRP $1,999), 65-inch (RRP $2,499), 75-inch (RRP $3,499). These three TVs boast 4K, QLED quantum dot colour. And come with Dolby Vision (HDR10+), Dolby Atmos (eARC), sports mode and voice assistant enabled (Google and Alexa).

Mini-LED Pro TVs

There’s also another two ULED Mini-LED TVs (U9HAU): 65-inch (RRP $2,799), 75-inch (RRP $3,999). These are separated as they’re considered ‘Pro’ by Hisense. What makes them Pro? Well, they’re using Mini-LED Pro colour. They still boast 4K, QLED quantum dot colour, sports mode, voice assistant enabled (Google and Alexa) and run Hisense’s VIDAA OS, but Dolby gets a boost. They pack Dolby Vision IQ (HDR10+), 2.1.2 Dolby Atmos (eARC).


We have two OLED TVs in this drop, the X8HAU comes in 55-inch (RRP $2,799) and 65-inch (RRP $3,999) models. The second, the X9HAU, only has a 65-inch (RRP $4,299) model. All three are 4K, OLED, boast Dolby Vision IQ (HDR10), Dolby Atmos Sonic Screen (eARC), IMAX enhanced, Wi-Fi 6e, game pro mode and Google Assistant and Alexa. The X9HAU boasts an enveloping, 360-degree audio experience thanks to the combination of its sonic screen, dedicated subwoofer and two up-firing speakers. That’s the only difference between the two models (but it’s a big difference).

Here’s all that in table form (sorry if you’ve got to squint):

hisense tv oled 2022
Hisense 2022 TV range: from UHD to OLED. Image: Hisense.


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