New Fallout 4 Mod Makes The Game’s Intro Much More Realistic, Vapourises You Instantly

New Fallout 4 Mod Makes The Game’s Intro Much More Realistic, Vapourises You Instantly

A new mod for Fallout 4 turns the game’s well-known intro sequence into an incredibly realistic simulation of what it’s like to find yourself caught in close proximity to a nuclear blast.

The intro sequence, which was part of the game’s original marketing pre-release, has you create your character (and their spouse) and then live out a morning in their quiet, suburban, art deco lives. It’s an ordinary day. You check on the baby, chat with your spouse, read the newspaper. A travelling salesman comes to the door. You shoo him away.

And then, a sudden news report on TV. Confirmed nuclear detonations in New York and Pennsylvania. The warning sirens in your neighbourhood begin to blare. The next few minutes are a blur, as you both bundle up your baby and join the crowd fleeing down the street to a nearby Vault-Tec nuclear bunker. As the vault opens to recieve you and a cluster of evacuees, the bomb goes off. A giant mushroom cloud, just a few kilometres away, rears its head like hell itself bursting through the earth’s crust. The shockwave rushes toward you, and you pass beneath it as the vault elevator descends into darkness.

This is all very dramatic and, of course, entirely unrealistic. With this incredible new realism mod by NexusMods user UnrealSeptim, your character, spouse and child are simply vapourised the moment they leave their home, as a nuclear inferno swallows their neighbourhood whole.

Given the divisive status of Fallout 4 amongst fans of the series, I think we can all agree this is the best and most efficient way to enjoy the game. You can download the mod on NexusMods right over here.

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