The Day Before Delisted From Steam Over A Trademark Issue, Devs Claim [Update]

The Day Before Delisted From Steam Over A Trademark Issue, Devs Claim [Update]

Update January 26 8:57 AM AEDT: As noted by SkillUp, The Day Before‘s lead Discord moderator, the same one that announced its gameplay reveal, has indicated they are now questioning the game’s existence themselves. Further, they’ve stated that no-one among the mod team has actually seen any gameplay. Curiouser and curiouser.

Original story continues below.

The Day Before developers Fntastic have released a statement regarding the upcoming zombie MMO’s removal from Steam, and it sounds a bit messy.

The Day Before is an upcoming open-world zombie survival MMO being developed by Fntastic, and at one point was the most wish-listed game on Steam. However, all of that changed today when the game mysteriously disappeared from the storefront.

Earlier today, it was reported by multiple outlets that The Day Before had seemingly vanished without a trace from Steam. At that point, the developers explained to fans via a Steam Community post that the disappearance was due to technical difficulties.

“This is a known bug that has affected multiple titles in the past,” the post reads. “Please note that Steam regularly conducts maintenance on Tuesdays and this issue will likely be resolved during that time.”

However, a new announcement from the development team tells a different story. The statement from Fntastic reads:

Dear fans!

Right before the release, Steam blocked our game page at the request of a private individual, because of the name The Day Before.

As you know, our game was announced in January 2021. At the time of the announcement, The Day Before game trademark was available.

After the announcement of the game, the above-mentioned individual filled out an application before us to register the game trademark The Day Before in the United States:

Previously, we were not aware of the existence of claims. We found out about this only on January 19, 2023, when we received a complaint from him and a request to contact him.

Now we find out all the circumstances of the incident and we will definitely solve everything.

We previously planned to post a lengthy gameplay video later this month, but we’ll have to sort this issue out first. We will post a video ASAP.

As a result, we have made the difficult decision to postpone the launch to November 10, 2023. We understand this may disappoint many of our fans, however we want to ensure we release the best game possible.

Our 100% focus remains on the game itself and how to deliver you the best game possible.

Thank you and we hope for your support.



From the revelation that this game was being made partially on a volunteer basis, to the seemingly ongoing delays, it’s hard to say just what one is supposed to think about the future of The Day Before. First, it’s a known bug, and now it’s a trademark issue that they’ve known about for a week?

It’s a bit weird, folks!

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