Warhammer Kits Getting A Price Hike, Even The Emperor Not Immune To Inflation

Warhammer Kits Getting A Price Hike, Even The Emperor Not Immune To Inflation

We regret to inform you that the price of Warhammer minis is going up again.

According to a new post from publisher Games Workshop on the official Warhammer Community site, prices across the Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 plastic kit ranges are going up after March 6th. “The average change for plastic kits is about 6%,” reads the post, explaining the hike in the most Warhammer way possible — as an average percentage. “As an example of what you can expect, a Battle Sisters Squad goes up £1.50 from £36 to £37.50.”

Obviously, in Australia, a Battle Sisters Squad is a bit more expensive than that. At a straight conversion, £36 is about $AU62.88. Locally, they retail for $98 and our old friend The Australia Tax strikes again. If a Battle Sisters Squad goes up by around 6% locally, the price will jump from $98 to $103.88, an increase of $5.88. Kotaku Australia has reached out to Games Workshop to double-confirm local pricing changes and will update this piece if we hear back.

Games Workshop says the reason for the Warhammer price increase is tied to rising production costs, which are themselves tied to prevailing economic conditions and inflation.

“We’re sure it hasn’t escaped your notice that a lot of things are more expensive than they used to be: food, materials, transport – essentials and luxuries alike,” reads the post. “Stuff costs more to make and more to move, and Warhammer is not immune to these changes.”

Not everything connected to Warhammer is getting a price increase, however. Items GW considers hobby essentials will remain at their current prices. To make it easy, here’s a handy list of which Warhammer items are going up and which are staying at the same price.

Going up:
Plastic miniatures
Forge World and Citadel resin miniatures
Standard and Artificer Citadel brushes
Spray paints

Staying the same price:
Starter sets
Paint sets
Paint pots
Citadel Tools
Codexes, rulebooks and battletomes
Synthetic STC brushes

I’m sure the Warhammer tabletop fans among you are a bit miffed. The game/hobby is already notorious for its sky-high pricing on model kits in Australia. To see the price rise higher than it already is, even by this small amount, will I’m sure be enough to raise the hackles. The one silver lining you’ve got is that the price increase doesn’t take effect until next month, so if you wanted to get anything at the current price, you still have a few weeks to do so.

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