Aussie Comedian Flawlessly Recreates VB, Cricket Themes In Mario Paint Composer

Aussie Comedian Flawlessly Recreates VB, Cricket Themes In Mario Paint Composer

When you can’t sleep, the mind wanders. For Australian musical comedian Gabbi Bolt, it wanders to songs absorbed into the soul through a childhood in Australia in the 1990’s.

It then wanders to Mario Paint, where Gabbi has been dutifully recreating them using the Danielx Mario Paint Composer web appMario Paint Composer was, of course, a program found in the SNES-era game Mario Paint that let users create sheet music where the notes were replaced by sounds taken from the platform’s beloved Mario titles. There’s been a bustling trade in Mario Paint covers on YouTube over the years, but no-one has ever used it quite the way Gabbi has. You see, Gabbi has decided to cover Australian icons, songs that make us misty-eyed with nostalgia, even when we’re not quite sure why.

Take, for example, this flawless arrangement of the Nine’s Wide World of Sports Cricket theme.

A reminder of what this piece of pristine Australian art sounds like:

(Full disclosure: Nine is the owner of this masthead. No, I am not under any obligation to say that the song rocks because Nine owns it. It simply goes hard all by itself.)

But Gabbi’s not done. She still can’t sleep. Further songs haunt her in the early hours of the morning. That’s why she made the VB theme too.

Unbelievable. For those with perfect pitch, yes, Gabbi’s version of the song is in D major, not the original’s key of C major. She sends her apologies.

In case you’ve forgotten one of the greatest theme songs ever recorded, made for one of the most mid-tier beers in the long history of the nation, here it is in full.

Yes, VB is mid-tier. Meet me in the comments to fight about it. The theme song, however, is frankly unmatched.

But Gabbi’s god-tier run of Mario Paint success still wasn’t over. She threw in one for the kids as well.

Yes, that’s the theme from the wildly popular Australian children’s show Bluey.

If you like what you heard, and I know I did, Gabbi’s new show Odd Sock is playing at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival from Tuesday, March 28 through to Sunday, April 23. You can get tickets here. In addition to her own excellent songs, I hope she plays more Mario Paint gear. If she really does use her creations as pre-show music, I will be very happy indeed.

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