Lego Might Make This Outer Wilds Ship Set For Real (If You Vote For It)

Lego Might Make This Outer Wilds Ship Set For Real (If You Vote For It)

A dedicated fan of The Outer Wilds is trying to convince Lego to create an official model based on the beloved game’s iconic space ship.

Posted by user SuperSirLink, The Hearthean’s Ship is one of many video game projects under consideration on the official Lego Ideas website.

Lego Ideas is a space where the famed Danish toymaker crowdsources build concepts from its worldwide community of hobbyist builders. Builders hoping to get their concepts considered must first construct their build, show their work, and write a rationale for why they think it should be the next big Lego set. Site members can click a button to throw their support behind concepts they like, and only concepts that reach 10,000 supporters are put forth for consideration by Lego’s master builders. Sets that meet Lego’s internal standards are turned into real sets. Many sets are proposed. Few ever make it to store shelves.

lego outer wilds
Image: Lego Ideas, SuperSirLink

At the time of writing, SuperSirLink’s Lego take on The Hearthean’s Ship from The Outer Wilds is on the cusp of that 10,000 supporter milestone, sitting at 9,364 supporters with 188 days of its campaign to go. The build is a great one, capturing the ship’s tripod design, its large domed cockpit, stabilisers and external tanks, it also models the small interior hab. It’s this attention to detail — the fact that SuperSirLink has gone to the trouble of recreating the interior as well as the exterior — that makes it a prime Lego candidate. As brickheads know, the best Lego builds aren’t just great display pieces. They’re full of little secrets all hidden by external pieces.

“The ship in the game is pieced together with wood and other components that don’t look like what we would expect of a space worthy vessel. With that in mind, capturing that in LEGO was the primary goal, as that is what makes the ship so special. I believe this design captures the spirit of the game,” reads SuperSirLink’s description. “The Hearthean has their backpack/jetpack for setting off in exploration of the solar system. Each of the side pods can be removed to gain access to the interior. The interior is complete with the computer log system, reactor core, antigravity crystal, and shelves for gear. The console is removable, so the Hearthean can be put into the cockpit in search of adventure.”

It is, I think we can all agree, an extremely flippin’ sick build. If you would like to opportunity to buy it for real one day and put it on your shelf, you can visit the Lego Ideas project page here and give it a vote.

Image: Lego Ideas, SuperSirLink

Some of the best recent Lego Ideas sets have included video games. Last year‘s Sonic the Hedgehog Green Hill Zone set began life as a post on Lego Ideas. The site famously received so many pitches for sets based on The Legend of Zelda that it last year placed a moratorium on any new ones because it didn’t believe it could secure the license if any of them progressed to the production stage. In the months since, rumours have swirled that this may be because Nintendo has finally approved an official Zelda set for release this year. We don’t know anything for sure yet. Both Nintendo and Lego are remaining tight-lipped for now.

Other popular retail sets like the Seinfeld apartment, Sesame Street, and even the damn house from Home Alone also started on the Ideas platform. Recent successes that weren’t connected to licensed brands or IP included last month’s excellent A-frame Cabin set, a globe of the earth, a motorised lighthouse, a classic typewriter, and a working miniature foosball table.

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