When To See Ubisoft’s Big The Division: Heartland Stream In Australian Times

When To See Ubisoft’s Big The Division: Heartland Stream In Australian Times

Ubisoft will showcase the future of its online multiplayer series Tom Clancy’s The Division later this week.

I know, there’s going to be some of you headed to the comments right now to complain that no-one cares about The Division. But they might be about to, because this Five Year Celebration stream will include the next major look at The Division: Heartland, Ubi’s free-to-play title. There’s only been flashes and glimpses of the game since it was announced at a Ubisoft Forward broadcast back in 2021. This may well be first proper public appearance of The Division: Heartland, and the first time we’ve seen exactly what Ubisoft’s approach to the F2P live service model for the series will be (though, likely, it will just be The Division but with a battle pass and a skin store, but it could be something else! Maybe!)

Elsewhere in the stream, Ubisoft says players can expect to get a look at The Division 2‘s new roguelike Descent mode, and a complete walkthrough of the game’s Year 5 roadmap. Mobile title The Division: Resurgence will also make an appearance, with Ubi giving a project update on the title.

Clearly, The Division is still a major factor in Ubisoft’s ongoing milsim operations. Despite rarely coming up in conversations around live service games that draw a crowd, The Division 2 must still be drawing a tidy audience share across platforms. If it weren’t, Ubisoft would simply sunset it and move on.

Where to see The Division Year 5 live stream in Australian times

For Aussies, this stream is going to be a bit of an early one. The show kicks off at 7pm BST (or British Summer Time) on Thursday, 20th April. For Aussies, that’s the small hours of Friday morning. See below for start times in your neck of the woods. For our friends in New Zealand, it’ll still be an early start for you, but not quite as punishing as it is over here. You’ll be able to follow the stream at Ubisoft’s YouTube and Twitch channels.


4:00 AM AEST



3:30 AM ACST



2:00 AM AWST



6:00 AM NZST


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